Thursday, August 06, 2009

Audit the Fed!

I'm a big supporter of Ron Paul's efforts to audit the Federal Reserve. Of course, the international bankster elites are balking. Bernanke claims it will interfere with decision making. Nonsense. What it WILL reveal is where the many trillions have gone. Without knowing, it's no different than a bank robbery. It's taxation without representation. We The People must pay all that money back. WITH INTEREST! It amounts to slavery for us and our descendants. It's time to end the Fed!

In that spirit, I drew this cartoon. (click to enlarge). It's free to anyone who wants it. If you need a larger copy or color version, just let me know.


Trend-Signals said...

America absolutely needs to do check-n-balances with the fed.

As noted above, since 1913, what Americans went through is to working for this stage of slaughtering massive American sheepsters brain-washed by the corruption of various of kinds including materialism and idol worship using monopolized power of various news and entertainment media.

With your permission, I will post your work on message boards.

I am looking forward to see more of these financial-political cartoons. Thank you

Excellent work

Ben Garrison said...

Thank you! Everyone has my permission to post my cartoons to raise awareness of this issue. The Federal Reserve/Income tax system is the heart of this pernicious problem. We need to put a stake through it!

Jr Deputy Accountant said...


This is AWESOME! I used it for a post that will go up tomorrow morning on audit the Fed: with credit.


Ben Garrison said...

I haven't checked my blog lately, but thanks for passing the cartoon on. When I have time I will do more!