Thursday, January 12, 2017

Corporate Media: A Dead Dinosaur.

In some corners it’s crudely referred to as “Piss Gate.” It’s a disgusting and completely fictional event that led to the latest desperation exhibited by the mainstream media, who passed the story along as ’news.' When it comes to attacking Trump, they respect no boundary. They have no shame. They are no longer journalists. They don’t bother to do research or basic fact checking. If some prurient rumor affects Trump negatively then they go with it, no questions asked. They have no sense of balance, fairness or decency. Trump was right to castigate CNN. They have degenerated into a fake news outlet. They are shrill shills for their globalist, collectivist masters. 

The mainstream media are owned by a handful of global corporations. They are used to having the narrative locked up. They consider themselves owners of the 'final say.’ They think of themselves as ‘authorities’ when it comes to the truth. They’ve grown accustomed to scripting the news in order to control and brainwash the populace. The people have now awakened thanks to alternative media sources available on the Internet. The elite can’t stand the fact that an outsider, a populist, was elected president and have now revealed themselves for what they are—purveyors of fake news. 

This is why Obama and the people he represents are anxious to gain control of Internet news and discourse. They want Chinese style censorship. We must remain vigilant and not let this happen. We need to continue to shine the light on their plans. The mainstream liars are losing readers and viewers because they are liars. They deserve to become extinct.

—Ben Garrison

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Europe is Mad over Muhammad:

When I graduated from Angelo State University many decades ago, I had a chance to go Italy with many of my fellow art majors. Having excelled in the study of the Italian Renaissance, such a trip greatly appealed to me. Alas, I was poor. At night I worked at a bakery while going to school full time. I had rent and bills to pay and I didn’t have any savings for such a vacation. The head of the fine art department, Dr. Otis Lumpkin, offered me some financial aid. He was a great professor, but I had a new job awaiting me at the local newspaper. It was a chance to work at a desk while doing something I enjoyed—graphic arts--and I didn’t want to put that off. I figured I could always go to Europe later on my own time and dime. 

It never happened for various reasons. Now I’m not sure I would like what I see if I do finally make the trip. Will Europe be recognizable if Islam continues to gain power there? “No go” zones continue to expand while those who complain are arrested for ‘hate speech.’ The complainers are labeled ‘Islamophobic,’ ‘xenophobic’ or ‘populists.' Oh no! Populism and nationalism are supposed to be terrible things according to the left. We’re supposed to love everyone and have open borders. We’re all the same, right? Wrong. People and cultures are different. Too much diversity inevitably leads to conflict.

Ostensibly the ‘immigrants’ were brought into Europe to boost the economy and do the work that the citizens wouldn’t do. (Sound familiar?) Instead, they were put on the dole. They got free stuff while out-breeding the locals. They brought their lower IQs and aggressive religion with them. Far too many refuse to assimilate. Why should they? Islam tells them that they are superior. Today, Mohammed is one of the top names for newborn boys. Sharia courts are springing up unopposed. Western civilization is treated with disdain. Women are raped and the police look the other way due to political correctness.

Why are we seeing this self-immolation by the west? Because lefty loons and George Soros want it. They want to tear down western civilization in order to easily usher in globalism to Europe and America. We are beginning to see some push back. The Brexit vote and the election of Trump signaled that citizens have had enough, but there is much more to be done. Soros needs to be arrested. Merkel needs to be thrown out of office. Mass immigration needs to end.

I want the countries in Europe to keep their identities, languages and cultures. I don’t want to visit Turkey in Germany, Somalia in Italy or Syria in France. If I wanted to go to Saudi Arabia, I would. I don’t want to see their oppression when I go to Europe. If we want to help the populace of the third world, fine. But keep them in their own countries while doing it. We don’t need to import them and their problems to the west.

—Ben Garrison

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Happy New Year from GrrrGraphics!

“Trump New Year”

Like an Indiana Jones character, Trump heroically cut his way through the perilous Jungle of Lies in 2016. He is now on a clear trail in 2017.

He left behind two battered, corrupt parties that represented the status quo. Their rigging of the game has prevailed for far too long. They made sure their chosen candidates were aligned with big government collectivism and political correctness. Democrat or Republican, whoever won the presidency did the bidding of their globalist masters.

Not any more. Even though Trump ran as a Republican, he’s more of a nationalist, populist candidate who wants to put America first.

To stop Trump, the globalist forces also revealed themselves. Their owned the mainstream media showed themselves to be smearing shills by hurling insults and fakery rather than real journalism. Hillary has been defeated. She can barely walk right now. The chances of her running in 2020 seem remote at best. Soros is hurting. The special snowflakes are melting. Obama is desperate to protect his legacy of destruction. Using the holidays as a distraction, he snuck in a vile law designed to thwart our First Amendment and return control of the narrative to the fake mainstream media. It won’t work.

We’re now on the trail to restoring America. Happy new year from all of us at!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas from GrrrGraphics!

Thanks to everyone who made 2016 a successful year for us.

Thanks to Stefan Molyneaux for having me on his Christmas show:

--Ben Garrison

Monday, December 19, 2016

The New Bitter Clingers:

Barack Obama once insulted Americans as being ‘bitter clingers.’ He said they clung to their guns, religion and anti-immigration sentiment as a way to express their frustrations. Hillary later referred to such Americans as ‘deplorable.’ These out of touch statements foreshadowed the election of Trump, because it revealed Hillary and Obama’s contempt for roughly fifty percent of Americans. It showed how the elite were actively working against those Americans who still want freedom and the Constitution. Hillary and Obama instead promoted gun control, an open hemisphere and bigger government.

The globalist oligarchy, including their corporate media arms, have now become the bitter clingers. They continue to lose power and influence and they can’t stand it. The fake news mainstream media have been revealed to be nothing but shrill propaganda organs. People are going elsewhere to find the truth. The status quo politicians are desperately clinging to power and making fools of themselves. Their ridiculous conspiracy theories only prove how out of touch they are with reality.

Their tantrums even include talk of a coup against a lawfully elected president. Their attempt to bully certain electors from the Electoral College will not work. Their emotional blubbering and drama only underscores what they really are. They’re collectivist bitter clingers who are desperate. They're spoiled brats who were allowed to get away with their bad behavior for far too long. Times are a-changin’!

Keep on clinging, bitter ones.

— Ben Garrison

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Mother Bakes a Cake:

Janet Yellen and the Feds raised the interest rates again. After crying the rate hike wolf for nearly a year, she finally raised rates by another quarter point while promising more hikes to come in 2017. Rates weren’t raised sooner because they probably wanted to protect the stock market under Obama. The Fed protects their own because they want globalism and collectivism. That means most Americans get poorer while the central bankers and their elite friends get stupendously richer. 

Quantitative easing never ended, it simply went underground. The Fed does as it pleases. There is no accountability—not really. The stock market bubble was pumped up to insane proportions without benefitting citizens who can’t afford stocks. Over 50 percent of Americans are now living paycheck to paycheck. (If they can get a paycheck). The perma-bull market has mostly benefited the global corporations and central bankers who own most of the stock market. The elite prints money for themselves—to hell with lending it out to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, they claim a perpetually rising stock market as ‘proof’ that Obama is doing a great job.

Wrong. Mr. 'Hope and Change' helped drive up the debt by nearly 10 trillion dollars while telling everyone the economy was improving and happy days were here again. Obama’s so-called strong economy is based on data distorted by the government itself. It has been based on lies. The employment numbers do not count those who have given up. Too many workers are stuck in low-wage service jobs. The GDP number always comes in high with great hoopla and then it is quietly downgraded. Housing starts are bad. Few can afford a home even with low rates. College grads are burdened with outrageous debt because colleges and banks colluded to get richer. The bankers sell the future in order to immediately pocket their ill-gotten gains, which means young people can’t find work and must move back in with their parents. Real wages haven’t risen in decades. Inflation is apparent at supermarkets. Prices go up while packages get smaller. 

Regardless, Yellen and those running the show must pretend that everything is A-OK and improving. That means they must prove it by raising rates. To keep the bankers afloat they really should be going to negative interest rates, but they know that would attract the torch and pitchfork crowd. Instead, they are trying to make their ivory tower game of make believe a reality. 

The problem with this is the debt. Every time the rates are raised, it will make that debt that much more difficult to service. Consider this—if you had $50,000 in credit card debt at a zero percent interest rate, you may be able to manage it. However, rising rates means you must sell things to make the payment. Stocks, for example. Raising interest rates could collapse the stock market. Perhaps this is their real goal—they want to blow things up so they can blame it on Trump.

Janet Yellen thinks it’s extremely important to protect the Fed’s “Independence.” Of course she does. They don’t want the scrutiny of an audit. They don’t want to answer to We the People. When Fed chairmen speak to Congress, they use grandiose language to prove how smart they are. They aren’t. They’re con artists. The Federal Reserve was created out of conspiracy, and now those private bankers want to protect their private printing press which not only prints up debt currency out of thin air—it also prints up power. They’re able to buy out politicians and the corporate media.

It’s time to end the Fed and return the power of money creation and its management back to Congress as stated in our Constitution. 

Ben Garrison