Saturday, May 20, 2017

"Lady Justice Says, "LOCK HER UP!"

WikiLeaks revealed Hillary’s loyalty and devotion to the central bankers. In her usual perfunctory and well-planned manner, she spouted empty platitudes at voters and expected to win automatically. Hillary and Bill engaged in ‘pay for play’ graft as a matter of course. They grew stupendously wealthy. She operated an illegal server and destroyed evidence. The Clintons are monsters who have left a long trail of bodies to obtain and preserve their power. They must consider Americans to be easy marks. Citizens are suckers to them.

Hillary is a money-grubbing, power-mad grifter. She’s a vile criminal globalist and a central banker toady. Her association with Podesta suggests she has also dabbled with Satanism.

After she lost the election, Hillary and her operatives invented the Russian narrative to distract from her criminality and failed candidacy. Apparently the deep state will amp up their Russian lie as a means to impeach President Trump. That’s why the media are releasing stories not based on facts and evidence, but on mysterious unnamed sources and hearsay. The big corporate media have plenty of money, but they’re rapidly losing credibility and can no longer easily brainwash Americans, who are deserting them in droves. More and more citizens are following truth tellers and real investigative journalists on the Internet. The legacy media have been exposed as liars and purveyors of fake news. Despite their vast monetary resources, they’re losing their power and sway over American minds. Good.

Regardless, Hillary never goes away and she always seems to elude justice despite abundant evidence against her. Trump needs to make good on his campaign promise: “Lock her up!”

—Ben Garrison

Monday, May 15, 2017


Last week we were dished out a story about Trump getting two scoops of ice cream while others only got one. Maxine Waters pounced on the incident as another chance to scream for President Trump’s impeachment. This subject is a rocky road filled with nuts and puns, so I drew this cartoon as a cherry on top.

—Ben Garrison

Sunday, May 14, 2017

"The Talk On Campus"

Here's a cartoon that sums up today's college campuses. To balance out the voices on the far left who would end free speech, I've added in some voices of reason--particularly Stefan Molyneux. He deserves a special tip of the hat.

--Ben Garrison

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

"You're Fired!"

James Comey has been fired by President Trump. It’s a good first step toward draining the swamp. If Trump holds to form, more people will be fired. Trump has never tolerated incompetence.

Comey refused to prosecute crooked Hillary Clinton because he said Hillary had no ‘intent’ to commit crimes. Comey had no right to decide Clinton’s guilt or innocence. That should have been left to the courts. The evidence against Hillary was overwhelming, and she still needs to be locked up. Intent has no bearing on case.

Comey also claimed he was looking into Trump’s ‘Russian’ connections, which were non-existent. Hillary invented the Russian story to deflect from her criminal activity while also providing her a convenient way to blame ‘Russian hackers’ on her defeat. The corrupt mainstream media breathlessly spread this fake news. Hillary had more to do with Moscow than Trump ever did. Bill Clinton raked in $500,000 for a speech there. Shortly thereafter Hillary allowed a Russian company to gain control of a large percentage of US uranium reserves. Classic pay for play. But Comey didn’t investigate that, which was a real scandal—oh no. Comey allowed the FBI to become a political tool for his deep state masters.

Comey was also a bumbler. He repeatedly failed to pursue chances to end incidences of Islamic terrorism. He granted Hillary’s aides immunity unnecessarily and allowed evidence to be destroyed. He didn’t investigate Obama's scandals. He was, after all, appointed by Obama.

Let’s hope Trump continues to drain the swamp. Firing Comey is a good first step.

— Ben Garrison

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

"Matt's Fury"

Matt Furie, you're doing it wrong. I was going to write a small essay to explain why your attempt to kill off Pepé the Frog in your comic strip simply won't work--and in fact, it will probably make the trolling against you worse. But then I saw Styxhexenhammer666's video and he explains it far better than I ever could:

Hillary Clinton pronounced Pepé to be a scary 'racist' symbol in order to smear Trump supporters during last year's presidential race. It didn't work and Pepé is not a symbol of the 'alt right' simply because she said so. He's a vehicle used to express many emotions and political beliefs, but Hillary pompously appointed herself as the Commissar of Hate Speech and tried to kill off Pepé. She failed.

Pepé is a meme that can't be eliminated with an official declaration or wave of a hand from some 'authority.' He's part of the public domain of free speech. Praise Kek.

--Ben Garrison

Saturday, May 06, 2017

'Macron, the Door Mat'

We at GrrrGraphics convey our best wishes to Marine Le Pen in the French election. The so-called ‘centrist’ Macron represents the globalist bankers and submission to Islam. LePen represents traditional France. We need more nationalists such as Le Pen, Geert Wilders, and Nigel Farage in Europe to help stem the onrushing Islamic tide as well as end the tyranny that is the European Union. We need politicians who aren’t cowed by political correctness.

Americans elected a populist president to drain the swamp and make America great again. France can do something similar by electing Le Pen. Make Great Britain great again. Make France great again. Protect Europe against the Islamic invasion and start standing up for western civilization again.

—Ben Garrison

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Presidential Grooming

Hillary Clinton stated “I take absolute responsibility” for her election loss. She promptly went on to blame James Comey, Russian ‘WikiLeak’ hackers and misogyny. Hillary expected to win automatically. After all, she outspent Trump two to one. Trump however, out-campaigned her by the same ratio. Trump appeared robust and tireless while Hillary was apparently out sick, coasting or resting. The rust belt wanted jobs, not a repeat of the empty hope and change promises previously delivered by Obama. They were ready for real change. Hillary was the status quo candidate of the central bankers. So was Obama. Trump stood out as a populist outsider with a more compelling vision of America—and he won.

WikiLeaks exposed Hillary as an operative working for the banking elite, the CFR and the deep state Illuminati. She lacked charisma, health, ethics and a convincing back story. Instead, she relied on slogans and platitudes that rang hollow. It’s time for the Clintons to go away for good, but they have owned and corrupted the Democratic party for so long that they have now become the Democrat party. Without them, who else is there? Elizabeth Warren? That could possibly explain why the Clintons, who grew fantastically rich through their political graft are now promoting their daughter. Chelsea has recently received a great many positive mentions and news stories from the bought-out mainstream media. Hillary is grooming her for office. First, the Clintons will pay for a congressional seat even though Chelsea is not qualified. Then, after a term or two, she’ll probably run for a short stint in the Senate. After that, the presidency.

Hillary ran a dog of a campaign. No amount of grooming and money will help her daughter succeed where her mother failed. America has had enough of the Clinton and Bush dynasties.

—Ben Garrison

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Pandora's Needle:

This cartoon is based on the ancient Greek legend of Pandora. She opened the box (actually it was a large jar) out of innocent curiosity and hope. Instead of hope, evil was released and it had long-lasting effect. That about sums up the current situation with Big Pharma with their endless vaccinations and concoctions designed to make them ever-more money.

I’m not anti-science and vaccinations have been a great benefit to mankind. (Yeah, I know that last word is not PC—too bad). Inoculations have prevented a lot of death and suffering. Like anything, though, it can be and has been abused. Babies are now treated as pin cushions. They receive up to nearly a dozen vaccinations well before their own immune systems can develop. Autism has gone up astronomically as a result. A search engine query produced this:

If you follow the CDC's recommended vaccination schedule, your child will receive 49 doses of 14 vaccines by the time he/she is 6 years of age. And by the age of 18, the CDC recommends that children should have gotten 69 doses of 16 vaccines.

Big Pharma employs lobbyists and operatives to make sure doctors push new drugs in return for kickbacks. Recently South Korea fine Novartis $50 million for such practices. (Novartis denies that it's their policy). It boils down to money. Pushing drugs is profitable for big Pharma. They are tied in with the globalists. Therefore, natural cures are suppressed. Now they want to ‘control and regulate’ supplements.

It’s all about money and science can be greedy. In Japan, we saw what happens when greed and science combine. We got the Fukushima nuclear facility—stupidly built on a tsunami-prone coast and on an earthquake zone. Spent fuel rod pools were constructed atop reactors to save time and money. Dangerous short cuts were taken because it increased profit margins.

We see the same greed with ‘climate change.’ Scientists are told to provide data to prove global warming, and they are well-plied with globalist money to do it. The greedy huckster Al Gore recently stated he wanted $15 trillion to stop global warming. Scientists who question the climate change narrative and paid data lose their jobs and reputations. Science is not immune to corruption and human frailty. They can be bought out as easily as politicians. 

All authority needs to be questioned. It includes questioning scientific and medical authorities. Your child’s life may depend on it.

—Ben Garrison

UPDATE: I'm catching some flak from this cartoon. Consider this: Do we REALLY want to be subjected to mandatory vaccinations? Dr. Benjamin Rush warned us about government forcing medicinal practices. He even thought we needed constitutional protection against it.

"Today, the American people are challenged, as they have never been before, to confront the expansion of government authority over our bodies and the bodies of our children, specifically the exercise of police power to take us into custody and isolate us without our consent whenever public health officials believe we are sick or could become sick. At stake is the preservation of human rights and cultural values that have been part of America since the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights defined civil liberties two centuries ago."

Vaccine makers can't be sued thanks to Big Pharma lobbying Congress:

In depth story:

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Antifa Fascists:

The ‘Antifa’ dress in black, wear masks and resort to physical violence. They use force to silence those with whom they disagree. They consider anyone to the right of Lenin to be ‘Nazis,’ while they engage in brown shirted, Hitler-like tactics themselves. They are most likely funded by the globalist George Soros. His job is to stir up strife and conflict. He enjoys keeping populaces distracted by means of hate and violence while he and his ilk advance their plans for a one-world government.

Once a haven for free speech, Berkeley has now become a giant safe space where uniform thinking is encouraged. After all, free speech is extremely dangerous. Why? Because it might hurt someone’s feelings! Feelings are now more important than facts and logic on too many college campuses. The Berkeley faculty and campus police seem to favor the Antifa. Instead of headlong debate, heads are getting hit with bike locks —and the Antifa culprits get away with it.

These spoiled brats apparently think they’re leading a cultural Marxist revolution. They had better not escalate the situation further. If there is gun play, a great many conservatives will fight back. I hope that doesn’t happen. We already have a cold war of sorts between the blue and red states. We don’t need an escalation into a hot war.

It’s time for far-left colleges to practice what they’re preaching. Namely, they need to start being more ‘inclusive' and embrace ‘diversity.' This means including even (gasp!) white, male conservatives. Welcome all voices to the debate table, not only those who recite the usual politically correct narrative by rote. Give others who aren’t socialists a chance to be heard. Don’t be afraid to engage in rational discourse. It might end up challenging and expanding minds. Isn’t that what college is for?

— Ben Garrison

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Le Pen Kicks Butt:

The so-called ‘centrist’ French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron doesn’t want to offend Muslims. He claimed terrorism would be a part of the daily lives of the French people for years to come. Just like croissants and good bordeaux. He may as well wave a surrender flag and then get down on a Islamic prayer rug.

Marine LePen wants to stop importing Islam and the terrorism that always accompanies it. She is the voice of sanity in a country gone mad with political correctness. Even the pope made the ridiculous claim that ‘migrant’ holding centers are ‘Nazi concentration camps’ for Muslims. Apparently the Pope wants to help hasten the demise of his own Christianity. Europe seems to be ready to hand over their countries to Islam without a fight. Sharia law is at odds with western civilization and Muslims will use violence to implement it. The Quran tells them to do this.

Socialists continue to welcome and embrace Islam because they consider it their best means to destroy Christianity--thereby making it easier to usher in their communism. That's why Obama and Merkel have eagerly flooded western civilization with Islam. Soros is a big player in this scheme, too. What they really want is the erosion of the historically strong Christian foundation in western countries. 

Marine Le Pen wants to end such insanity. She’s always labeled ‘far right’ by the mainstream media. There’s no longer such a thing as ‘right’ or ‘conservative.’ It’s always ‘far right.' It’s just one of the pejorative terms used to impugn those who care about preserving the culture of one’s country. They are called ‘nativists’ or the ubiquitous terms “racist” and “Nazi.” 

I don’t want to see France become a caliphate. I admire Marine Le Pen for making a stand against the Islamic invasion. I wish her the best of luck in the election.

—Ben Garrison


Here's my response to a man in England who complained that my previous Le Pen cartoon was 'inaccurate' :

Most cartoons are exaggerations and mine was no exception. Such hyperbole helps get a point across--and that point is Le Pen does not want to see her country continually cave in to Islam. Charles Martel was able to stem the tide of Islam into Europe well over a thousand years ago, but the war between Christians and Muslims has never ended. Now Islam is deeply entrenched into Europe not by means of warfare, but by means of sympathy and political correctness. They're taking advantage of the Kafir's willingness to surrender without a fight. After all, we're all the same, right? No, we're not. I don't want to see terrorism, revenge killings, female genital mutilation, the lack of pork and alcohol, forced subjugation, on and on. We have different cultures altogether.

Like Le Pen, I believe western civilization is worth preserving. I don't want to see it replaced by a barbaric, violent medieval religion and Sharia Law. Islam is a religion of conquest--not peace.

Editorial page editors often have problems with their staff cartoonists for reasons similar to the one you raised. Cartoons are often not fair and balanced or even accurate. The editors claim readers are more interested in opinion columns, which can deliver a well-rounded and reasoned verbal case, but this is not true. Readers always look at the cartoons first. This is often a source of strife and it's also why the number of cartoonists have dwindled in the MSM. The corporate media cannot stand loose cannons. The existing corporate cartoonists who enjoy cushy salaries and win Pulitzers are those who support the globalist narrative. That is, they cry for more taxes, more statism and more political correctness.

Not having an editor is terrific for a cartoonist's freedom, even though at times it's good to get their input on things such as what you wrote me about.



Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Evil Known as Income Taxes:

Frank Chodorov claimed the income tax was the ‘root of all evil’ and he was right. Once we were inflicted with the scam known as the Federal Reserve, the mass robbery known as the income tax soon followed. We are forced to pay for our own enslavement. Oh sure, they tell us it’s ‘voluntary.’ Try not volunteering and see what happens. Heroes such as Irwin Schiff resisted it and they locked him up. He died shackled in a prison hospital while Clinton pardoned his drug pushing friends as well as the billionaire Marc Rich.

But I digress. The income tax was first promoted as a means to make the rich ‘pay their fair share.’ At first only the rich had to pay, and they only had to pony up 7 percent at the most. Nowadays it’s close to 40 percent and everyone has to pay. Even if the tyrants refund some taxpayer money, every year we are still forced to reveal all of our finances to our masters. The IRS has become a rogue agency and they can harass us and seize our money at any time. We are all guilty until we can prove our innocence.

Nowadays tax slaves are forced to pay in a record amounts, and yet we continue to roll up record debt and deficit spending. The government has grown to gargantuan proportions. We’re forced to fund the bankers' wars and global conquests. Entitlement spending is at a record high. We have all paid into social security for years and yet that’s broke, too. They pinched it and spent it long ago. It now consists of nothing more than an enormous basket of IOUs. 

The tax code has reached nearly 75,000 pages. Nobody can keep up with it or understand it. Many must rely on ‘experts’ and we pay people to do our taxes. Everyone has broken tax laws one way or another. That’s the way they like it—we’re all criminals who are also forced to violate our 5th Amendment right. We must incriminate ourselves. The other day I was driving on Highway 2 through Kalispell. A young person was dressed in a Statue of Liberty costume and beckoning customers to use a tax service called, “Liberty Tax.’ That’s an oxymoron if there ever was one. We’re bombarded by TV commercials touting services that encourage us to play the game ‘to win.’ We The People can never win. It’s a rigged game benefiting only those at the top of the pyramid.

Those winners are the central bankers and the private Federal Reserve that they own. They own a printing press that they use to give them riches and power and we have to pay that back—with interest. It’s debt slave currency—not real money. It’s impossible to pay back unless we have printing presses ourselves—and that would be considered counterfeiting. Now they want to do away with cash altogether and get us all on the grid to make what we earn and spend trackable. It will also give them more power to steal from us. It’s about control.

As I said, the income tax was originally presented as a means to sock it to the rich and take some of their passive income. They were going after the windfall profit gleaned from investments such as stocks and bonds. At the last minute they also slipped in wages as ‘windfall.’ We working class folk work hard for our money. We trade our labor for money. It’s an equal exchange. Where is the windfall in that? The rich corporations are able to use lawyers to game the system. The average Joe doesn’t have the resources for that, so the workers and small businessmen get socked the most. The powerless always bear the brunt. It’s the screwing of the average man and it’s unconstitutional.

Meanwhile, our so-called government representatives amass vast riches while in office. Career politicians are the new royalty and they pass legislation to enrichen themselves and their ultra rich buddies. The Clintons claimed they were broke, but now they are worth well over $50 million. What did they do to amass such wealth? They pulled the levers of graft and power, that’s how. Will anyone in Congress ever end the pernicious income tax? Of course not. It’s there as a tool of control and tyranny.

These are a few things to consider when you shovel off your hard-earned income into the pockets of your masters. At the very least, realize that you are NOT doing your civic duty by allowing yourself to be robbed. It’s about control. They could easily print up their own money—they don’t need yours to waste.

It’s time to end the Fed and their gestapo, the IRS.

—Ben Garrison

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

War Drums:

This cartoon is not funny. War is not funny. Especially the prospect of WWIII. I was not happy with the Syrian bombing and I caught a lot of flak for my cartoon that criticized the event. As a political cartoonist, I have to call it as I see it—even if it means losing support that I badly need. I drew a great many pro-Trump cartoons to help him get elected. I still back Trump and his intention to make America great again, but one critical cartoon cost me in terms of lost donors. Trump recently said he had no intention of starting another useless war in the Middle East—and that’s reassuring, but now we have North Korea to worry about.

Kim Jong-un is a spoiled, capricious nut. His nuclear war threats may be nothing but continued ego maniacal saber rattling, but once nuclear miniaturization is achieved, he could launch a nuclear attack on our west coast. Many have suggested diplomacy, but that has already been tried for decades. North Korea always furthers their nuclear capabilities regardless. He may be trying to extort us once again for more food and fuel, but again..that tactic simply does not work. It only buys the regime in North Korea more time.

I've read two books that I recommend highly: “The Aquariums of Pyongyang” and “Escape from Camp 14.” If you read either book, you’ll get a good idea of the fear and tyranny under which the North Korean people must live. Kim Jong-un grew up as a pampered egomaniac. He is reckless and dangerous. He even wanted all males in the Communist country to wear his own crazy haircut. He needs to be taken out, but that’s a very risky undertaking.

China is key. If they don’t help us take out Un, then we definitely have a chance for WWIII. I’d much rather see Trump concentrate on making America again, but the constant threat of nuclear war from a deranged tyrant could ruin all that. 

We live in very dangerous times.

—Ben Garrison

I never thought anything in the world could make me sympathetic to Kim Jong Un, but your latest comic did. I'd be fighting for my life if I was surrounded as you depicted him.

Your comics were a source of inspiration for me throughout Donald Trump's historic campaign, and your last one gave me hope that Trump's supporters would lead him back into the light.

As Trump's people are talking openly about murdering Jong Un, you cheer them on.

For shame.


Please do some studying on Kim Yong-un and his vile regime. He's a mass murderer. He murdered his own brother. He killed a top official with an anti-aircraft gun.

Please read "The Aquariums of Pyongyang" to know what life is like there.

He's a monster and I for one will welcome his destruction.


Thursday, April 06, 2017

"Election Collection" book Delivery Update:


My sincere apologies to all of you who ordered signed copies of my book (or the "MagaPack," which includes a sticker, a signed print and a hand-drawn caricature of Trump inside the book's front flap). 

I grossly underestimated sales because my first book ("Rogue Cartoonist") did not sell well at all out of the gates and in fact, I gave away nearly 100 copies to people all over the world.

Therefore, I under-ordered my latest book to start. As luck would have it, they sold out in a day. We've been waiting for a big shipment of books from CreateSpace, and they said they were shipping them out tomorrow and we should get them next week. We paid for expedited shipping.

You WILL get the books ASAP just as soon as we get them. I have a lot of Trump caricatures to draw and those will be my first priority. My wife Tina has all the boxes addressed and ready. The items will be well-protected with special padded envelopes, plastic sleeves for the prints and quality, custom mailing boxes to prevent any damage.

Again, I am extremely sorry for the delay. I simply didn't expect such a great response. I guess my cartoons are more popular than I realized. That's a good sign!

— Ben Garrison

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Exposing the MSM Lie about Russia:

I worked at newspapers for nearly 20 years before starting my own commercial art business. (Being a business owner makes one all-too aware of the omnipresent IRS taking it's lion's share of hard work). Most of my coworkers at newspapers were ‘liberal.’ They were proud of it and to their credit, many were very professional and their reporting remained objective.

The few conservatives there were forced into quiescence in order to remain on friendly terms with reporters and editors as well as escape outright harassment and ridicule.

For example, I once made the mistake of making a positive comment about Goldwater. I had just finished reading a biography about him and I was telling one of my fellow artists that he had some good attributes. An SJW photographer overheard this and proceeded to go into a loud and protracted virtue signaling spiel about the evils of Goldwater and being a conservative in general. I could not get a word in edgewise and it would have been useless to reason with him by employing facts. There can be no debate with such people. Their minds are made up and they’re convinced truth is on their side. So I mostly shut up about politics and many there assumed I was liberal like them. I was fine with them thinking that. I had to make a living.

I’ve now lost a good many of these old friends and coworkers. Naturally, they’re not happy with my cartoons. Even a non-newspaper friend wrote me recently to express his hatred for Trump. Here’s one of the things he wrote:

"Nothing Hillary has ever done compares to the sheer, breathtaking corruption that Trump brings to the Presidency.”

“Breathtaking." Really? How can Trump be worse than Hillary when he never before held public office? Hillary is indeed the most corrupt person to ever come close to the presidency. It’s why Trump once called her a ‘monster.’ I ended up writing a long list of Hillary’s crimes and corruption just off the top of my head (see below), but I instead decided not to respond to his statements at all. It would only make him angrier and I would lose another friend. This is a man who probably still listens to the mainstream media as if they were the penultimate oracle of truth. He also believes the lie that the Russians were in league with Trump to hack and 'steal' the election. Maybe he reads these things in newspapers such as the LA Times.

Today, the LA Times came out with part one of four editorials with the overall title, “Our Dishonest President.” Part one epitomizes the usual arguments against Trump. They’re based not on logic and reason, but rather emotion. It’s mostly fear, anger and empty vitriol. While reading the first part I got the impression that I could have been reading something written by the ‘Deep State’ itself. I also found myself countering their statements along the way. Here are a few examples:
Their opening sentence: 

LA Times: "It was no secret during the campaign that Donald Trump was a narcissist and a demagogue who used fear and dishonesty to appeal to the worst in American voters.”

Ben Garrison: The Times begins by spewing the usual emotional claptrap and hysteria, which is now seen everywhere on corporate media. Trump appealed to voters because he was not a career politician. He’s not part of the ‘Big Club’ elite. The illuminati grew way too complacent and accustomed to running the show with the help of their lying mainstream media. Trump is a populist and nationalist. He wants to restore America to greatness. That means thwarting the Deep State’s plans for globalism and tyranny—and they can’t stand it.

LA Times: "He has clashed with his own intelligence agencies, demeaned government workers and questioned the credibility of the electoral system and the Federal Reserve."

Ben Garrison: Trump does not ‘own’ such agencies. They don’t belong to the American people, either. The NSA and CIA are now part of the Deep State. They are unaccountable. They’ve gone rogue and they illegally spy on us all. Citizens are assassinated. The agencies have become politicized and they want one of their own as President. They wanted Hillary. Questioning the election system where ‘super delegates’ get the say and not voters? Questioning the Federal Reserve? They are in dire need of questioning! The vile Federal Reserve system of debt slave money has impoverished Americans while driving us in debt to the tune of $20 trillion. It’s a sick, immoral system of money that must end.

LA Times: "His scary willingness to repeat alt-right conspiracy theories, racist memes and crackpot, out-of-the-mainstream ideas. “

Ben Garrison: The mainstream media, including the LA Times no longer tells the truth. They spew Deep State propaganda and lies. Fewer are watching, listening and reading the MSM narratives because they know the truth can be found on the Internet. Citizen muckrakers are the ones doing real investigative journalism. 'Out-of-the-mainstream' ideas are healthy. They also threaten the mind control ‘official’ narrative of the Deep State MSM. That’s why they are doing their best to control dialogue on the Internet. They have long been over-paid colossal liars and now they want to blame under-paid citizen journalists on the Internet for their failure. They will smear patriots as racists or ‘crackpots,’ but they’re facing more and more resistance. The elite at the top want to censor and stop free speech in order to regain control and fill minds with lies once again. We must remain vigilant. They have all the money in the world and have owned their media lapdogs for a long, long time. They are now running scared and that’s a good sign.  

LA Times: “This nation survived Andrew Jackson and Richard Nixon. It survived slavery. It survived devastating wars. Most likely, it will survive again. But if it is to do so, those who oppose the new president’s reckless and heartless agenda must make their voices heard. ”

Ben Garrison: This is telling because Trump resurrected a painting of Jackson. I consider Jackson to be a great president. He was a populist elected by the people, not the elite, and in his two terms he took down the central bankers. Unfortunately one of our worst presidents, Woodrow Wilson, allowed reckless and heartless central bankers to again control our money (and us). He also got us into a reckless and heartless Word War I, which was completely immoral and unnecessary. I hope President Trump can keep President Jackson on the $20.

LA Times:  “All of us who are in the business of holding leaders accountable must redouble our efforts to defend the truth from his cynical assaults.”

Ben Garrison: We as citizens must also defend the truth by pointing out the lies and cynical assaults spewed by the mainstream media—which are now mostly owned by the Deep State.

—Ben Garrison

Hillary’s crimes and corruption (written from memory):

• Cattlegate
• Travelgate
• Filegate
• Using IRS to harass enemies (she was involved with these scandals during her ‘co-presidency’).
• Whitewater and Rose Law Firm corruption.
• She told the central bankers she was on their side and what she told the public was just politics.
• She helped cover up Bill’s rapes and sexual assaults and harassed his victims.
• She laughed after getting a child rapist a lesser sentence.
• Accepting pay for play money via the Clinton Foundation while she was Secretary of State.
• Illegal campaign contributions to her senate campaign.
• Lying about being under sniper fire.
• Gifts (bribes) from foreign nations.
• Pardoned Puerto Rican terrorist group for personal gain
• Admitted to taking orders from the CFR while being a senator.
• Received expensive gifts during her eight years as first lady and she never disclosed them.
• Illegal murder of Gaddafi and she laughed about it.
• Censured for ethics violation while in the Senate.
• Lying about being named after Sir Edmund Hillary.
• Fired during the Watergate investigation for lying and dishonesty.
• Involved in getting a reduced sentence for a child trafficker in Haiti. (The Clintons/Podesta are tied together with PizzaGate).
• “Dead broke” was her claim when they left the White House; now they’re worth $50 million. What did they sell to get so rich?
• Stealing White House antiques which she was forced to return.
• Stealing billions of dollars in contributions for Haiti and diverting them to the CF coffers.
• Bill Clinton getting $500k from Russia for a single speech, resulting in Hillary approving Russia gaining control over 20 percent of our uranium.
• Frequent trips to ‘Orgy Island’ with her hubby Bill.
• An illegal server containing classified material.
• She destroyed evidence (hammering cell phones, bleaching server).
• Benghazi (delaying rescue to Stevens to keep secret her and Obama’s aid to ISIS) It resulting in many deaths. (She lied and blamed a ‘video’).
• The death of Vincent Foster (recent exhumation and autopsy revealed two bullet holes in the back of the skull…ruled murder, not suicide).
• Vast trail of bodies left by the Clintons.


Friday, March 31, 2017

My New Book: It's A Winner!

I'm very pleased by the response to my new book thus far. We've had to order another batch of them to meet the demand (for signed books, that is). The book is also available on Amazon.

We will be sending these out as fast as we can, but right now we're out of them--we should get the next batch in on Monday. Thanks for your patience!


I shamelessly promote my book:

Buy the 'Maga Pack' on our site--it includes a signed book, a Trump caricature inside, a sticker and a signed print.

Or you can buy the book on Amazon:

Thank you!

Ben Garrison

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Drain the Deep State Swamp!

During last year’s presidential campaign I drew a ‘drain the swamp’ cartoon featuring Donald Trump pulling a big plug. Various characters were swirling down a swampy drain. It was a very popular cartoon and we sold quite a few signed prints. 

Now that Trump has been elected, I realize that the swamp is much vaster and deeper than the one I had earlier depicted. The ‘Deep State,’ or shadow government, features agencies that have been allowed to accrue way too much power and scope under little oversight. In other words, we allowed a monster to be created.

What is the Deep State? It consists of the illuminati who control vast fortunes. It includes the central bankers, the Bilderbergs, the CFR, and the spy agencies that illegally track and record Americans. They want power and control through collectivism. It’s the beast that wants bring about the New World Order. It’s the creature that Eisenhower tried to warn us about. It’s the entity that took out Kennedy when he tried to stop them. Since then, we’ve had too many presidents who were elected under the tacit approval of the Deep State. The possible exception was Ronald Reagan, and he wasn’t the same after he was shot by Hinckley.

Aside from the bumbling Carter and Ford, what we mostly got since Kennedy were corrupt Deep State criminals posing as presidents. LBJ was a murderer who sent over 50,000 US soldiers to their death in an invented war in Vietnam. The Bushes cast us into middle eastern sand traps. The Deep State grew ever-stronger and raked in our tax dollars. Sometimes they steal it outright. (Remember the $6.5 trillion missing from the Pentagon?) We got the Bush and Clinton dynasties. Daddy Bush was a former CIA man who helped further the New World Order and the Deep State. Obama gave the Deep State even more power and its shadow grew longer.

Then Trump arrived and the Deep State did their best to thwart him. Trump is a populist and a nationalist. He doesn’t want open borders. He defeated Hillary, the Deep State’s choice. Trump is an anathema to the globalist Deep State and they are still trying to take him down. Therefore, they concocted a ludicrous narrative that Russia aided Trump and ‘hacked the election.’ Instead of locking up Hillary, they invented grandiose lies and reverse McCarthyism. They are out to impeach Trump. This could lead to civil war.

Snowden told us the Deep State was real and now there’s no doubt whatsoever. Even McCain complained President Trump was a threat to their New World Order. It’s not the stuff of tinfoil conspiracy—it’s real and it’s a threat to our Republic. Trump may be our last, best chance to drain the Deep State swamp.

—Ben Garrison

Friday, March 24, 2017

Advice to New Political Cartoonists:

I’ve been asked for advice by at least a dozen young cartoonists who are interested in doing what I’m doing. So instead of answering them individually like I have been doing, here’s an essay that might be helpful to all my fellow artists:


Let me preface this by reminding everyone that we are in the midst of a sea change in editorial cartooning. During the golden age of newspapers, there were nearly 2,000 cartoonists employed at newspapers across the country and some of them were paid exceptionally well. Many were superstars of their day. They enjoyed a wide audience since radio and TV didn’t yet exist.

Now there are only around 30 paid editorial cartoonists remaining at the major metros in this country and that number continues to dwindle as circulation declines. Newspapers are dinosaurs and only a step away from stumbling into their inky graves.

Some might say that editorial cartoons have lost their relevance during this great transitional upheaval. I disagree. We now have the Internet and that means any cartoonist can have a voice. It may be difficult to hear that voice at first due to the massive visual noise that accompanies the Web, but at least the cartoonist no longer must deal with hectoring editorial page editors and daily deadlines. The Internet is always there and the cartoonist can produce work whenever it aligns to his schedule.

Today's Internet cartoonist has complete freedom and their work can potentially reach well beyond one city. It can be seen around the world in an instant. I recently drew a cartoon that garnered 500,000 views in one day. That’s as much or more than many major metros, and the cartoons have more staying power, while cartoons in newspapers are seen for only a day or so. Then the paper becomes so much fish wrap. Those cartoons are soon forgotten until the artist comes up with a book collection or ‘best of’ page to be run just before a new year. 

The more popular cartoons could possibly appear in history books or ‘best of’ cartooning books, but the mass audience will have long since departed. Again, as a potential cartoonist, you have a great opportunity by self-publishing on the Internet.

Opportunities are not without risk. Here’s what you may face if you decide to get serious about producing political cartoons and publishing them on the Internet:

1.     If you’re not well known, you will most likely have to deal with trolls. Especially if your cartoons are seen as being effective. If your work is over the target, you’ll catch flak. I’m not talking about mail from people telling you how your cartoon failed for various reasons. That comes with the territory. I’m referring to the anonymous trolls who will ignore your copyright and change your work into racist or anti-Semitic hatred--and they make sure they leave your name on it. They will encourage troll armies to go after you if you complain. You will be swamped by hate mail. If you are employed, they will go after your employer and try to get you fired. They will harass friends, family and landlords if they can. The trolls cannot stand someone getting some limelight and will try to smear you because you got ‘uppity.’ They are losers and can’t stand to see others succeed. There’s not much you can do about the trolling, either. The only solution I found was to outshout and outpost them. It took a lot of work on social media for me to regain my own voice. If possible, it’s best to be self-employed before you start drawing political cartoons. If you want to avoid such harassment altogether, then you might want to consider drawing them anonymously. There aren’t many female editorial cartoonists and those currently penning them are nearly all ‘progressives.’ If you’re a woman cartoonist and conservative, you will quickly gain popularity because you will be quite a rarity, but you will probably also face an avalanche of trolling—especially from the SJW crowd.

2.     Follow your own vision. Observe what other cartoonists are doing, but draw in whatever style feels most comfortable for you. It could be done completely digitally. Maybe it’s vector art or done in Photoshop. For me, I like the old-fashioned approach of India ink on illustration paper. Rather than copy another cartoonist’s style I recommend you become who you are. It’s more interesting to hike on your own trail.

3.     The idea for the cartoon is, of course, of paramount importance. How do you come up with them? Just the fact that you want to draw editorial cartoons means you must have an opinion. You probably follow the news and do a lot of reading. If you’re a bland centrist and don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, you should consider sticking to some other endeavor. The best ideas come like a bolt from the blue. Others require a lot of thought and tinkering to make them work. I suggest you start with recognizable metaphors that are easy for readers to figure out at a glance. There are plenty of analogies, clichés and idioms, and your job is to make them compelling and fresh. For example, the Pied Piper has been drawn countless times by countless artists. So has Pinocchio—his nose is a symbol of lying. If you can make those come across as original and fresh ideas, then that’s fine, but there are endless possibilities and other combinations out there waiting to be penned.

4.     Every artist, musician and writer faces something I call ‘inertia.’ Inertia consists of whatever keeps you from realizing your artistic goal. Inertia keeps you from drawing, practicing or writing. Inertia is insidious and it will do whatever it can to stop you from doing what you really want to do in life. It’s negative thinking at its finest. It will tell you there’s plenty of time—do it tomorrow. No. Do it now! Inertia exists in your own brain and it will invent endless reasons to stop you. Friends, family and complete strangers who don’t like your work might also tell you you’re wasting your time. That feeds the inertia and stops you from getting better. I’ve had people tell me to my face that I’m a crummy artist. Some have even tried to get me fired. But all too often the cruelest critic is the one inside you. It’s the internal critic and he doesn’t want you to succeed. He will fill your head with negativity and despair. I know—that happened to me when I was in my mid 30s. I hit a wall and I knew I wasn’t getting better. In fact, I was getting worse. Why? Because I believed the critics, both internal and external. I tried very hard—too hard—and I still failed. This is a very bad situation for artists because when our life’s dream is on the ropes we want to escape and that usually means booze or whatever other destructive means necessary to blot out the quandary. I’m here to tell you there are ways to deal with that cul-de-sac. It requires a change in thinking. I explain that next.

5.     Why do you want to be an artist? More specifically, why do you want to become an editorial cartoonist? Fame and popularity? Wrong answer. Money? Wrong answer. To win a Pulitzer Prize and awards to prove your worthiness? Wrong answer. Email applause from strangers? Wrong answer. The correct answer is this: You see wrongs and corruption being committed and you see it as your civic duty to raise public awareness to right those wrongs. But first, you must accept yourself for who you are. Be grateful for the talent you have. Stop comparing yourself with others. There will always be someone better. You’re not a genius and you’ll never be the best as judged by others. Even if you are for a time, it's fleeting. So be happy with what you can do and also be happy that you have a sound mind that can figure out right and wrong. And if you find yourself mistaken and in the wrong, apologize and move on to what's right. It's OK to change your position on things in the face of reason, evidence and logic. Try to remain humble. I’ve known quite a few paid political cartoonists and they never got better because they believed it when everyone told them they were great. Since they thought they had already arrived, there was no reason for them to further their skills. Additionally, most cartoonists adhere to the progressive, socialist agenda. They draw cartoons that are pro-big government and taxes. They want guns taken away. They serve the Illuminati system. Their ideas mostly consist of ad hominem and straw man attacks. A weak idea is not saved much by great drawing. A great idea will still work even if the drawing could be better. Regardless, that pesky old inertia may tell you to give up because everything has already been done before. That’s an insidious lie. There are endless possibilities. Even if it has been done before, it has yet to be done by YOU. When you’re doing any kind of artwork, whether it be painting or cartooning, maintain a positive attitude while doing it. The great German amateur painter, Bill Alexander, recommended this highly. He was the original happy painter before Bob Ross came along and stole his show. There’s always time after you’re finished to critique your results, but while drawing make sure you maintain a confident and happy attitude. After all, editorial cartooning can also be fun! Art, music and writing are fun. Even without fame, fortune and awards, we will be doing them regardless. That’s the mindset I recommend. 

6.     Special advice to young people: Editorial cartooning is in a flux. Forget about getting a well-paid job at a newspaper. Those jobs have always been very difficult to get. That’s why the cartoonists who got them stayed with it until they got old and retired. When they retire, they’re not being replaced. Messy and expensive newsprint is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. The trouble is, it’s extremely difficult to make a living as a cartoonist on the Internet. I’m trying, but I’m not there yet. So it’s better for you to have another job until you can gain traction. I also realize that your generation grew up with video games. That habit sets up expectations that problems can be quickly solved and you can easily move up to higher levels. That’s not how life works. Even if you get up to higher levels, life can easily knock you down back to the beginning. That’s happened to me, too. Your generation grew up with computers, but an endless array of distractions came with it. Cell phones in particular. You must have the discipline to put those down and start drawing. We need new cartoonists who have a fresh perspective and understanding of new and changing realities. Good luck and happy cartooning!

—Ben Garrison

Thursday, March 23, 2017


I somehow forgot to post this one, so here it is. We've been getting some hate mail from progressives over my depiction of Hillary. That's good! Hillary is an arch criminal who continues to elude justice, whereas they throw the book at people such as Kristian Saucier, whose transgression pales by comparison.


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

My Book is Now on Amazon:

Also on CreateSpace

Click below to get a signed book:

Since I'm self-published, the book is expensive because of all the color plates inside. It just couldn't be helped. But the book itself is about the same cost as one of my signed prints.

There are over 100 color cartoons in the book. They all pertain to the 2016 presidential election.

--Ben Garrison

David Rockefeller and the New Hell Order:

“You can’t take it with you.” That’s what they say about wealthy people who are facing death. In the case of David Rockefeller who died at age 101, I thought about what might happen if he could take it with him? He’d no doubt do what he did on Earth—fund and control agendas as well as manipulate events and people who are on ‘his’ planet. It’s not about being comfortable, it’s about power.

Tyrants tend to be reluctant when it comes to relinquishing power. Stalin in his old age was still carrying out purges. He was even planning on another war in Europe. After Stalin suffered what would be his fatal stroke, Khrushchev and others were reluctant to rush medical aid to him. They knew there were probably on one of his lists. Castro lived as long as he could and only reluctantly relinquished power to his brother. Chairman Mao wasn’t afraid of dying in his old age, but he resented dying mightily because he was terrified of losing his power. He loved it more than anything. All these men wanted to live forever, but nobody gets out alive.

Similar to George Soros (another billionaire who refuses to die), Rockefeller was part of the Illuminati who operated behind the scenes. He funded a vast array of globalist initiatives that would often bring about conflict and tyranny. He was about tearing down western civilization and replacing it with something he owned and controlled. Again, just like Soros. He was a quintessential ‘new world order’ operative. He and his family bankrolled an alphabet soup of globalism including the UN, CFR, NAFTA, CAFTA TPP, WTO, IMF…on and on. Then there’s the Bilderbergers and Trilateral Commission and, of course, eugenics. He was eager to reduce the world’s population. Now it’s up to Bill Gates to do it for him. 

Do not rest in peace, David Rockefeller. You don’t deserve it.

—Ben Garrison

Saturday, March 18, 2017

A Tribute to Geert Wilders:

I drew this cartoon earlier this week in the anticipation that Geert Wilders might win the Dutch election. Wilders stood for halting the rising tide of Islam in the Netherlands as well as Europe. He was also for stemming the EU’s globalist hegemony and returning power to the people. Naturally, the EU loves endless Muslim immigration because it weakens nationalism and allows globalism to tighten its grip.

We also heard the cries of “Nazi” from such leaders as Erdogan, who himself is much more akin to Hitler than anyone protesting Islam. After all, the Turkish tyrant wants Islam to conquer Europe and he hopes to control that new ‘caliphate.’ He told his fellow Turks at home and in Europe that “You are the future of Europe.” He continues to threaten a dump of millions more Muslim ‘immigrants’ into Europe while calling for a holy war, or jihad. This will mean even more crime and terrorism committed by Muslim immigrants throughout Europe.

Wilders and LePen are at least trying to create some momentum to stop that invasion. They’re not only trying to protect their own countries, but they’re also raising awareness that western civilization itself is at stake. Do we really want to see Europe fall to Sharia Law? There will be honor killings and child marriages (like the one their leader Mohammed himself had—he married a nine year-old). Do we really want to see gays prosecuted? Stoning and beheadings? There will be rise in female sexual mutilations as well as the general oppression of women. Christians and Jews will be attacked. This is how Islam spreads—by force. I too once bought the malarky that Islam is a religion of peace. No, it has always spread by violence. Lebanon used to be a Christian country. Now it’s Muslim. Afghanistan used to be Buddhist. Now it’s Muslim. Pakistan used to be a Hindu country. Now Muslim by force.

My friend Enrique from Spain told me that we shouldn’t give up just yet. Wilders gained seats. Le Pen may not win either, but awareness is being raised. So I decided to publish this cartoon anyway.

It’s time to get over the Political Correctness hurdle and start trying to save western civilization while there’s still time.

— Ben Garrison

Thursday, March 16, 2017

The 2016 Presidential Election Collection:

I finally got my second book sent to the printer. It should be available on in about a week. It's currently available on CreateSpace.

For the price of one color print, you get 113 full-color cartoons as well as a narrative of the events that took place during the election.

If you're a Hillary supporter, this book is probably not for you. If you supported Trump, this book will be a must-have.

--Ben Garrison

Thursday, March 09, 2017

The Diversity Statue:

Last month, Penn State issued a call to artists to submit designs for a statue should reflect Penn State’s principle of increasing 'diversity and inclusion.’ My submission is in cartoon form.

I’ve worked as an independent commercial artist for nearly 20 years and I’ve dealt with many large corporations and their HR departments. As part of their company culture, ALL of them use the words ‘diversity and inclusion.’ There’s nothing wrong with that, but they also want strict adherence to company culture and that means a squelch on freedom of speech. Say something slightly misaligned from the two words ‘diversity and inclusion’ and one could easily be fired. There is no tolerance for those who even question whether or not a candidate for employment should be based on merit and qualifications. These days the white male is passed over in order to hire diversity. After all, it’s about ‘inclusion.’ 

It’s the same on college campuses. Rather than discuss ideas in a forum conducive to healthy debate, universities have abandoned logic, reason and evidence in favor of preserving the feelings of their diverse students. Instead of higher learning, we have a narrower channel of free speech. Certain words must not be used. Adherence to the politically correct narrative must be followed. It’s cultural Marxism at its worst. Fifty years ago, there were far more conservative professors at universities. Now, the vast majority of them are far far left purveyors of Cultural Marxism. It’s no wonder that they allow conservatives to be driven off campus or physically assaulted. The free speech movement began at Berkeley and it also died there.

Meanwhile, universities are charging students an absurd amount of money. Too many are enslaved by the resulting debt and it follows them for the rest of their lives. White males are passed over for women and minorities when it comes to the well-paying jobs. Many of students are forced to live with their parents.

It’s time for young people to revolt and STOP going to college. There are ways for you to succeed on your own without participating in the university debt machine that results in impoverishment and mind control. Build your own statue—maybe it could be a fist that's flipping a stiff mid digit toward those higher institutions of learning that teach political correctness and obeisance to Big Brother.

—Ben Garrison

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Vault 7:

Wikileaks released ‘Vault 7,’ containing thousands of documents that detail the CIA’s spying and hacking activities, which may surpass even what Snowden revealed. 

Information is power, and we have allowed the CIA and the deep state to have way too much of it. Instead of “We The People,” it has become “We The CIA.” The latter now decides how it’s going to be. Not us. Benjamin Franklin once said, “We have a Republic if you can keep it.” We haven’t kept it. The Deep State is not only able to illegally spy on just about anyone with a computer or ‘smart’ device, but they can also plant evidence to frame people. They’re attempting to do that with the 'Russian hacking’ fabrication.

The Pentagon can’t account for $6.5 trillion. Where did the money go? Probably to fund and grow the pernicious Shadow Government. We’re funding a cancer that continues to lie to us while eating at our freedom and liberties. We’re paying for our own enslavement. People are finally waking up to what’s really going on and that’s the good news.

The Deep State collects data from all of us. It can be used against us in the future if need be. It’s all being stored on their supercomputers. Or they can simply make up and plant evidence. Our ‘smart’ TVs, computers and phones are data collection devices controlled by the Deep State. Even cars can be controlled to assassinate people such as Michael Hastings.

Barack Obama’s grandfather was in the CIA. Barry was probably groomed by the CIA to be president. It didn’t matter to the mainstream media that his birth certificate was faked and that he had a stolen social security number. It didn’t matter that he didn’t have the money or that his grades were poor. He somehow got into Harvard anyway. Some entity paid his way through life. The CIA-influenced MSM were eager to tout their arranged candidate. We got a our first black President and probably our first gay and Muslim president as well. He helped usher in even more cultural Marxism, globalism, and secrecy. He also helped increase the power of the Shadow Government.

It could all unravel with the revelations revealed in Vault 7. We know Obama has remained in the Beltway in order to bring down President Trump. What he is doing borders on sedition, but if it is proven he wiretapped Trump, it will be worse than Watergate. Obama should be locked up along with Hillary, Podesta and all the other pedophiles and traitors. 

—Ben Garrison

Saturday, March 04, 2017

What About Obama?

George W. Bush rarely criticized his successor to the presidency, Obama. Barack is not about to follow that precedent, unfortunately. He is driving very hard to the hoop to destroy Trump. He may have even wiretapped Trump Towers. What Barack is doing amounts to sedition.

Like the Clintons before him, Obama got wealthy in office. He’s also aligned with the billionaire, George Soros, who is eager to help fund Barack’s mischief. Utilizing big money and connections, Obama will try to guide America back on the road toward globalism. Unlike Obama, Trump does not want to be president of the world. He wants to help America first and Obama can’t stand that.

We’ve had enough of Obama. He did his best to destroy America during his two terms. Now he’s directing his energy toward destroying President Trump. Similar to the main character in the film, ‘What About Bob?’ Obama simply won’t go away. Like the Clintons, he can’t give up his addiction to power. 

So get ready to endure Obama and Hillary ad nauseam. They refuse to go away. They both deserve to have the America’s door slammed in their smug and entitled faces. What About Obama? Lock him up--along with Hillary.

—Ben Garrison