Sunday, November 05, 2017

Ordering Glasses Online:

It looks like one of my posts complaining about a certain online eyeglass company was deleted from this site. About a year ago I made the mistake of trying to buy a cheap pair of glasses online and since this particular company had 'USA' in its title, I thought it might be reliable.

It was anything but.

After about a month's wait,  I received a chirpy email from them asking how I liked my new glasses. I never got them. I wrote and complained.  I was bluntly told my glasses had been made in 'Europe' (later I found out they're made in Israel) and shipped via DSL. I was told two attempts were made at delivery, but "I wasn't at home." Bull. I'm always at home. I work at home. They left no message telling me when delivery would be attempted again because there was no attempt in the first place. The online glasses company were liars. There is no DSL delivery here in Montana. I asked if they could be sent via USPS. NO! I was told they take ZERO responsibility once the glasses are shipped.

They sent me a tracking number and it was bogus--didn't exist in the system. In short, I was completely ripped off. No glasses, no apology--and then my blog post was censored. These jerks display outright contempt for their customers, whom are probably considered 'marks.' Never again will I order glasses online.

To make matters worse, Google keeps pushing the online glasses company ads with "USA" in the title. I keep trying to tell them I'm not interested in seeing the scam company, but the ads persist. 

Folks, don't order your glasses online. Spend a bit extra at your local eyeglass store and get them done right. You get what you pay for and in the case of the online glasses company with "USA" in the may get nothing at all.


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