Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Butt nut troll exposed

Trolls continue to ramp up their attacks on me. The troll who calls himself 'Butt nut' is so despicable and low that he has attacked my wife and even my son. He wants to destroy my business. He has stamped my name onto a vile anti-Muhammed cartoon and expressed hope that I could get murdered. Yes, he even wants me murdered. Why? Because he is a far-left Obama fanatic and he doesn't like my libertarian cartoons. He gets on /pol and pretends he's a Nazi in order to encourage Nazis there to pile on and attack me. He is very arrogant and he will never stop attacking me. He's made me his hobby. (Aside from growing tiny fruit trees. He also has a giant fruit blossom tattooed on his chest).

Let me say this again as clearly as I can: I don’t hate Jews. I don’t hate Muslims. I don’t attack people based on their skin color, religion, country of origin or their sexual preference. I’ve never drawn a racist or anti-Semitic cartoon in my life.

When my cartoons began getting defaced with words such as "Zog" and "Goyim" starting back in 2009, I didn't even know what those words meant. One thing I do know: I never received hate mail from Jews. The Jews I have met have been fine, caring people and they're the only ones who have tried to help me remove libel on Face Bookand they did that even though I know that few of them agree with my politics. They have helped me and they have done it for free. 

If you see a racist or anti-Semitic cartoon with my name stamped onto it, bear in mind that Ben Garrison did not draw it. 

--Ben Garrison

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