Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Trump Tamers

I remember watching a debate in which McCain couldn't help but laugh at Ron Paul. McCain's contemptuousness made me very angry, but he was low in the polls and I didn't think he had much of a chance. I was wrong. McCain was smug because he knew it was in the bag. The Rove-led neocons who controlled the GOP made sure 'their guy' began winning primaries. They rigged elections to make sure Ron Paul didn't win.

Now they want to do the same against Trump and they are failing. Their men, Jeb and Rubio, aren't faring well. It remains to be seen if they can again steal primaries from their smoke-filled back rooms. There are a lot of people like me who are fed up with the Clinton and Bush machines. The donkey and elephant clich├ęs now have competition: A lion.

--Ben Garrison

UPDATE: The original of this cartoon is available on eBay and I'm very pleasantly surprised by how much it has been bid up. Wow! My original cartoons are drawn on a large sheet of cold pressed bristol board. I lay down a pencil sketch and then ink it in. After the pencil lines are erased, I scan the cartoon to the computer and color it in Photoshop. A few tweaks and changes are made in Photoshop. So when I sell originals, they must be first hand-colored. The response has been excellent--every one of them has been sold on eBay. The auction ends soon and this one is setting a record. Hurrah!

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