Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Keep On Canklin' :

We now live in a country with a government that is no longer responsible to ‘We The People.’ It is now owned by globalist oligarchs. They no longer care if we know. It’s ‘in our face.’

Hillary Clinton is their candidate. Her corruption is grandiose in scale and now openly on display. She is above the law. They don’t even care if we know that. In fact, they want us to know. They want us to know that we are powerless. 

The DNC rigged the primaries in favor of Hillary, aka “Cankles.”  The FBI also rigged the tremendous evidence against Hillary in favor of Hillary. She should be in prison. Instead, she was exonerated with the feeble excuse that ‘it wasn’t intentional.’ She is of the global elite. She is above the law.

It’s time for all good citizens of this country—citizens who want to adhere to our Constitution—to resist those who have stolen our country from us. Some have realized this and have abandoned our country. Robert Crumb is one of them. Instead of staying here and drawing cartoons along the lines of George Carlin, the old pervert instead fled to some old obscure chateau in France. He won’t mind that I stole his cartoon for this purpose because he never looks at the Internet. If he does mind, good luck trying to sue me. Come on, Crumb--go for it. But no worries. He has transpired into the realm of irrelevancy. God’s speed, Mr. Crumb. And good riddance. C’est la vie. 

--Ben Garrison

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