Monday, September 19, 2016

Did the Military Arrest Hillary? Perp Walk:

It does appear as if Hillary was handcuffed. They did forcefully put her into the van as if she were a sack of potatoes--or someone under arrest. We do see some sort of metal around her ankles. If you watch the video closely, it does appear as if something is shiny around her ankles.

This could explain much. It sent the DNC and MSM scrambling to make up an excuse. First it was said she suffered from heat exhaustion--in mid 70 degree weather. Then Bill said it was 'the flu.' Then it was pneumonia. Then we saw a body double appear on the street with a staged shot of a little girl. "I feel great!" said the body double. No secret service or entourage was around her.

Here are the scenarios I've been able to find so far:

1. Hillary died at the medical clinic (probably owned by the Clintons) at Chelsea's swank apartment building. An ABC news affiliate in New York announced her death. Bring on the body double and computer graphics.

2. Hillary is very ill and in bed. Bring on the body double.

3. Hillary was arrested for treason and the military is doing what the compromised FBI wouldn't do--hence her stiff and stumbling perp walk into the van. She's now in some unnamed location and under detention. Bring on the body double. Will Bill be arrested next? I hope so.

4. Hillary has Parkinsons or other very serious condition and her meds wore off.

5. Hillary is still sick but back on the scene--only now she's heavily drugged.

6. Hillary really did have pneumonia--then made a miraculous 'I feel great!' recovery in an hour or so, then relapsed with pneumonia and disappeared.

Hillary's lead in the polls has disappeared as well and things could get interesting as we approach the presidential debate!

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