Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Yes, I'm a young man!

The fake media has no clue just how old I really am, ha ha

Some conservatives went beyond normalization into veneration. Ben Garrison, heretofore known as a "libertarian" cartoonist, has gone full Leaderite, as seen in his extremely flattering nude portrait of The Leader as the biblical Adam, tempted by satanic snakes Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, et alia to take a bite of an apple called "Compromise." "He can’t be going down that slippery slope," insisted Garrison. "If he does, the wall won’t be built and Obamacare won’t be revoked…and most likely, Hillary won’t be locked up." This young man is in for a bitter disappointment, at least until Trump changes his mind to distract from some future crisis in his administration.

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