Thursday, April 06, 2017

"Election Collection" book Delivery Update:


My sincere apologies to all of you who ordered signed copies of my book (or the "MagaPack," which includes a sticker, a signed print and a hand-drawn caricature of Trump inside the book's front flap). 

I grossly underestimated sales because my first book ("Rogue Cartoonist") did not sell well at all out of the gates and in fact, I gave away nearly 100 copies to people all over the world.

Therefore, I under-ordered my latest book to start. As luck would have it, they sold out in a day. We've been waiting for a big shipment of books from CreateSpace, and they said they were shipping them out tomorrow and we should get them next week. We paid for expedited shipping.

You WILL get the books ASAP just as soon as we get them. I have a lot of Trump caricatures to draw and those will be my first priority. My wife Tina has all the boxes addressed and ready. The items will be well-protected with special padded envelopes, plastic sleeves for the prints and quality, custom mailing boxes to prevent any damage.

Again, I am extremely sorry for the delay. I simply didn't expect such a great response. I guess my cartoons are more popular than I realized. That's a good sign!

— Ben Garrison

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