Monday, July 09, 2018


Joshua Ryne Goldberg was sentenced to 10 years in prison. I'm surprised--I thought he would escape justice by claiming some sort of mental illness 'disability.' Instead he's going to serve hard time in the slammer. I'm happy to hear this--I'm enjoying a bit of justice served. Even if indirectly.

Goldberg is a young man from Florida who harassed me for several years while using the handles "Moon Metropolis" and "European88." He was the troll who pasted my name and signature onto 'hate meme' boxes. Those boxes egregiously libeled me as a 'Nazi' and they were all over the Internet for a time. Some appeared nearly daily on 4chan and 8chan. As European88, he created a Ben Garrison board on Reddit were he published defaced cartoons (more libel) and claimed they were the 'originals.' All of his garbage was readily seen on the search engines and it hurt my commercial art business and reputation. In my book "Rogue Cartoonist" I list him as European88. A cyber detective was certain he was from Australia. For some reason Goldberg liked to pretend he was Australian and had a spate of Australian aliases. We guessed wrong about his location, but as it turned out the FBI was all over him after he incited the shooting in Texas--at the Garland 'Muhammad Draw-In" event.

Goldberg may have gotten away with his libel, but he crossed the line when incited murder and terrorism. The FBI snagged him in the act. In his case, hate speech was definitely not free speech.

Goldberg pretended to be a tough guy behind his keyboard. Now he can try to be tough in the very real and harsh world of prison. Have a good time, Joshua.

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