Friday, August 10, 2018

The Demonization of Alex Jones

In a shameful article from the left-leaning CNBC, we read about the 'dark side of untrammeled discourse' (they want censorship and trammeling) as well as the dangerous 'conspiracy theorist' Alex Jones, whom they smear as a 'right-wing provocateur.'

What they're doing is excusing Silicon Valley for blatantly censoring the free speech of a patriot and journalist who informed of us real conspiracies--not conspiracy 'theories.' The Deep State, the Bilderbergs, and fluoride in our water are only a few examples of such 'theories.' They're now established facts.

The fact of the matter is the Deep State and the oligarchs that run things continue to lose control of the dialogue and people are dismissing their narrative of globalism. It's their game and they want to keep their private monopoly and control of minds.

Since they're LOSING the argument they're now resorting to gross censorship. Lefty media outlets such as CNN, "The Washington Post" and CNBC are applauding this assault on our First Amendment. The latter published piece that refers to Jones, which can be read here:

Notice how they added insults into their story---as if to suggests conservatives are violent 'Nazis,' murderers and rapists. This is despicable and a disgusting example of editorial reporting.

That all got dicier once the election of President Donald Trump focused new attention on fake news and organized misinformation campaigns — not to mention the fact that some of the people grabbing these new social-media megaphones were wild conspiracy theories who falsely call mass shootings a hoax, white nationalists who organize violent rallies and men who threaten women with rape and murder.
Shame on all the censors from Silicon Valley and the legacy media who want to control what used to be free speech on social media.

--Ben Garrison

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