Monday, December 29, 2014

Public Figure?

public figure

n. in the law of defamation (libel and slander), a personage of great public interest or familiarity like a government official, politician, celebrity, business leader,movie star, or sports hero. Incorrect harmful statements published about a public figure cannot be the basis of a lawsuit for defamation unless there is proof that the writer or publisher intentionally defamed the person with malice (hate). (See: defamationlibelslander)

The trolls erroneously claim that since I'm a public figure they can do anything they like while the very core of their ruse depends on the fact that the vast majority of people have never heard of me. They know that many will unquestioningly accept whatever they see on the Internet as 'the truth.' That's the source of their never ending side-splitting laughter. The very fact that they're laughing proves I'm not a public figure and I certainly do not deserve such malicious attacks designed to ruin my business via ruining my reputation. Attacking my family is completely outrageous. My son is not a public figure.

I have actually received email apologizing to me because they really believed I was a racist anti-semite until they bothered to take the time to learn the truth. They would not have to do make such a discovery if I were a public figure. Of course, trolls do not worry about logic and reason. They are mostly anonymous. Some day, at least one of them will be held accountable for malicious libel.


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