Sunday, December 07, 2014

This sounds familiar

Max Keiser:

Maxcoin has a lot of haters. The thing about these haters is that facts don’t matter to them. Their purpose in life is to spread piss and vinegar. Most of these haters are blind followers of the “oh, it’s cool to hate Max Keiser” movement. They have no original thoughts or facts to support their negative claims. Indeed it’s quite clear that most of these guys are probably in their early 20s, have no meaningful source of steady income, and choose instead to live in their parents’ basements, sitting in front of a troll box 22 hours of each day and tending to their group masturbation hate efforts. They can’t be bothered to actually watch/listen to Keiser to understand his credentials because that would require disconnecting from the hive mind for 30 minutes, which might lead to their sudden death.

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