Friday, March 13, 2015

Christopher "moot" Poole is a liar

Here is a rather big whopper recently vomited out on Rolling Stone...referring to 4chan's troubled young mastermind, Christopher Poole:

"He also complied with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which required him to remove content if a copyright holder objected (although he had cover if anything slipped through the cracks: The Communications Decency Act, which gives immunity to webmasters and Internet service providers over members' content, protected him). "

Read more:

BULLSHIT! HE DID NOT comply by removing the INDECENT and vicious libel/ copyright infringement hurled at me in the form of defaced cartoons for nearly five years. I repeatedly requested that his moderators do so, and they replied with indifference. I sent them official DMCA removal request forms and I was told I needed to ask Moot himself. I did. I was ignored. He even admitted he ignored me and, in fact, he long ago sent me an email in which he accused me of being a 'racist' before I even knew who he was. And he knows perfectly well that I've never penned a racist or anti-Semitic cartoon in my life. I once even offered to send him some money to help him out IF he repented and mended his ways and started being more responsible. Again, I was ignored.

The attacks on me continued almost daily for over five years. My wife and even my son were viciously attacked. I'm not referring to the name calling, and boy have I been called names. I was called a Nazi mass murderer, a white supremacist leader and even a registered sex offender on your miserable 'politically incorrect' board--even though such puerile name calling had nothing to do with politics. What I am referring to is this: YOU, Mr. 'Moot,' repeatedly allowed a clear violation of the law: My copyrighted cartoons were routinely being defaced into disgusting hate with my name left on them while trolls claimed I drew them. I blame moot whom I've called The CEO of TROLL.

Did moot's hand-chosen 'mods' remove such trolling as a violation of their own rules on /pol/? OF COURSE NOT. The joke was allowed to fester and deepen and continue indefinitely, while I got the blame for merely complaining about it. When I complained directly on the boards, my so-called free and open speech was shut down. I was banned. Did they ban those trying to portray me as their herald of hate? Again...of course not.

This man deserves to be broke. I'm very happy to hear that. I'm glad to hear he's a broke loser because he's a BUM and he deserves it. He deserves to be ridiculed. He deserves condemnation, because he was in charge. THIS MISFIT ALLOWED IT TO HAPPEN. HE ENCOURAGED IT TO HAPPEN so he could attract more trolls and jam a few more 'shekels' into his dirty, bugger-riddled little pocket.

Now we're observing how this immoral, weak-minded, pencil-necked, lying little twerp is gushing out crocodile tears and spinning the 'woe is me' sad lament. GOOD! I hope you continue to savor the sweetness of your tears as you weep deeply into your mother's apron. You're a loser. I hope your precious 4chan is finally flushed down the toilet into the sewer where it belongs and I hope you are flushed, too. Enjoy floating out to sea in a filthy Poole of mass sewage because that's what a weak little bum like you deserves for your years of pumping out immoral foulness at the expense of innocents. All because YOU encouraged anonymous, cowardly, sadistic and irresponsible chuckleheads to take control of your site. Free speech my ass. You were busy destroying free speech--especially mine--and now you are trying to claim the moral high ground while refusing to take responsibility. Pathetic.

--Ben Garrison

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