Saturday, March 14, 2015

Unknown Origin

Unkown Origin

Here is the difference between Moot and Ben Garrison.
Moot has never once asked anyone for sympathy,
and I can guarantee you he's gotten 100x more hate
directed at him than Mr. Garrison ever has.
Ben Garrison, a self-professed
Libertarian on the other hand,
has spent many years threatening people with lawsuits
for parodying his cartoons, which themselves are a sort
of parody of politics and current affairs.
Its really sad to see someone who has
made a living drawing political cartoons
which often times promoted concepts
like the first amendment (free speech),
anti -regulation, self-reliance, and
independence become so upset over people
exercising those god-given inalienable
rights that himself turned into a sad parody
of the very forces he claims to oppose,
that he claims are threat to the principles
of this nation. All you had to do was ignore
them Ben, and while they wouldn't have
ever completely gone away, the situation
never would've ballooned into
what it is today if you simply hadn't fed
the trolls and learned how live with the
give and take that is essential to any free society.

I get this same kind of pompous garbage all the time. They use it to make me 'the bad guy’ for their own sustained trolling as well as giving them reason to justify even more of it. How long are you going to continue this trolling campaign? Forever? Maybe YOU should ignore me and stop posting the sort of nonsense above. Let’s take this point by point, shall we?

• Moot allowed copyright infringement for 5 long years on his site. He’s not a stoic good guy. He’s a spoiled brat and an ignorant criminal who presents gore, child porn and death threats as ‘free speech.' 100x what I got, huh? Obviously you pulled that number from some unknown origin close to your backside. I've been attacked on 4chan nearly every day for five long years. You 'guarantee' it, eh? How does an anonymous shadow's 'guarantee' have any weight whatsoever? Are you moot? You suffered a bit and were called a few names and that makes you the hero? Ha!

• Unknown Origin is an anonymous troll. That enables him to adopt the bullying stance. He condescendingly informs me that I’m wrong and I deserve to get defamed and destroyed along with my family because supposedly I asked for it and I brought it on myself, blabbity blabbity. Notice how he hides behind his dark cloak of anonymity while stating this. Notice how he uses that same old cliché of ‘ignoring them and they will stop.’ This falsehood actually helps the perpetrators. It gives them rein to do what they want without any consequence. It is their shield that gives them immunity so they can cyber-bully people with impunity. 

• Parody is NOT taking my cartoons, changing them into hate and racism and leaving my name on them in order to defame me. THAT is libel. It is done with malice to ruin me. The trolls have stated that they want me destroyed. I’ve shown evidence to three separate lawyers. ALL of them said what the trolls are doing was against the law and ‘actionable.' Isn't funny how all the anonymous trolls are experts at the law...and they all say there is no such thing as libel and copyright infringement. Anyone can research this and see for themselves that they are wrong. The 2nd amendment is also essential to a free society, but that does not give one the right to randomly shoot someone else in the head with a gun.

• My cartoons are not parodies. They are originals. I am not basing them on the work of others.

• I don’t make a living from political cartooning. I make a living from commercial art. It’s becoming a more tenuous living due to the constant attempts to ruin my reputation.

• Free speech does not mean anyone can engage in silencing my free speech. I have a right to the words I speak and the images I draw to be presented as I intended. Everything I draw is defaced and destroyed into hate by sociopaths of Unknown Origin. Even a recent podcast interview I had? It was all chopped up and distorted to make it appear that I’m speaking words of hate—it too was altered into racism and anti-Semitism. How is that not abusing my free speech? Your pursuit of lulz does not trump my free speech. Laughter can’t justify what has been and is still being done. If someone called up potential employers and told them that you were a registered sex offender--causing you to lose work, would you laugh it off stoically as you strolled the streets homeless, jobless and hungry?

• I ignored the trolls for two years. They did not stop and it’s NOT my fault that this ballooned. It’s the TROLLS fault. Oh—but they are of Unknown Origin…that shields them completely from any responsibility for their actions. They are never held accountable for libel, defamation and character assassination, are they? These bullies are actually weaklings who are too cowardly to attach their real names to their own murderous opinions. No no no…they don’t want to catch any flak for their own hate. They want me to be targeted for that.

So, Mr. Unctuous Unknown, if you had simply left me the hell alone in the first place and drawn your own damn cartoons, you would now not look like the complete idiot and coward that you are.

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