Saturday, May 23, 2015

Daily Reminder: Andrew Anglin is a Little Troll

The fake Nazi scamp is at it again. Andrew Anglin, I mean. Apparently he's published another photo of me in a Nazi uniform (yawn) along with an anti-Semitic hate screed. I guess he's run out of original ideas. No worries...his daddy--Greg Anglin, a professional Christian "counselor," who apparently prefers that his patients are good looking young ladies, will pay his bills when he can't raise enough donations from his hate. His dad has received bad reviews for his work... perhaps because he mostly enjoys toying with people's minds. Like father, like son.

Little Andrew is a trolling scallywag--following in his dad's footsteps. He's not a Nazi--that's just the song and dance he puts on in order to raise money through hate. In my book I've exposed him for what he is--he's a professional troll. Seen in this light, he is harmless. (Unlike his dad who messes with people's minds for a living).

Enjoy your hate, get back to work and earn those shekels...your dad can't be expected to pick up your tab forever.

Here is an earlier message that I posted:

Anglin is a spoiled, immature troll and nothing more. He uses his cartoon Nazi site to attract haters willing to support his troll habit. In other words, he's figured out how to get paid to troll. He knows hate pays. He's admitted that trolling is his passion. He's proud of it...but when Anglin himself is trolled he tosses a tear-filled tantrum. He also fancies himself some sort of journalist, which is laughable and pathetic.

What's even more pathetic is big daddy bankrolls his son's bad behavior. It must be interesting for him, a so-called 'Christian mental health professional,' to sit back and enjoy the psychology of it all. Shame on both of them...but his dad deserves condemnation in particular. There's no way America will EVER embrace that stupid Hitler junk--especially my generation. Our fathers fought in WWII to defeat that bastard. Hitler disdained Christianity and warred with Russia (Soviet Union), and yet Anglin admires Putin. It all makes no sense, but trolls care little about logic and reason. They merely want to stir up hate. Again, it's just trolling and that's all. Anglin is not smart enough for anything else.

End of story. --Ben Garrison

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