Sunday, May 10, 2015

My ebook is on Amazon

Rogue Cartoonist, the ebook!

No, I'm not just blowing smoke! My ebook is now available on Amazon. It's still pricer than I would have liked, but it's 1/3 the cost of my printed book. Since it has a great many images, the file size is on the large side, and so Amazon charged more than it would, say, for an unillustrated standard novel. 

Thanks to everyone who has given me and Tina their support--and for those of you who already bought my printed book, I arranged for the ebook version to be available to you for only a couple of bucks. The book is also in the Kindle Unlimited Library where it can be read for free if you are a subscriber.

It has been quite a learning journey for me. I learned that writing a book is much harder than I had imagined and my respect for real writers increased immensely. I'm also a horrible editor and I couldn't spot a typo if it hit me over the head with a 2x4, but I did fix them for the ebook. Those who have read my book have commented that they found it very interesting. 

By the way, I'm out of promotional copies of the printed book for now. I have a few in reserve that I’ll send out to publishers, but I realize attracting a big-name publisher is a long shot. Heck, they all want literary agents nowadays and only 3 percent of the submissions on average get accepted.

I did snail-mail out 70 free signed copies to anyone who wrote me a polite email. I sent free copies out to people all over the United States as well as copies to other countries such as Mexico, England and even a few were sent to Australia. Those books will be 'rare' since I don't plan on printing any more unless I can find a publisher. They were very expensive to print on my own.

Ben Garrison

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