Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Rogue Cartoonist

I got paid from Amazon today. I sold more ebooks than I expected. 38 'free' books were also downloaded by Kindle Unlimited subscribers. I'm fine with that since it helps get the word out.

Inexplicably, my printed book has made a return appearance on Amazon. I'm not sure how, and BookBaby never did answer my questions about why they failed to deliver it as promised in the first place. Apparently they have recently delivered a batch to Amazon, which now has a few copies left in stock. Maybe it was finally printed because I called BookBaby a scam and I shamed them on my blog. I doubt that kind of shaming was the reason, though. More likely, I was put off BookBaby's radar after they got my money and then, four or five months later, they finally got around to printing a few of my books. Who knows.

Even if I do sell a few printed versions, I doubt I'll ever see a dime. BookBaby is notorious for not paying royalties to authors and my royalty is a pittance. At least Amazon gives me a better royalty on the ebook.

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