Sunday, July 19, 2015

Where I stand

I was asked a question today...where do I stand when it comes to anti-Semitism. I've already answered this question many times, but here I go again:

I despise anti-Semitism and racism and I always have. I explain this in some depth in my book "Rogue Cartoonist," which few have read. I am against the Federal Reserve and central bankers. My cartoons lambast corruption based on the deeds of men--NOT their race or religion. Because I do not attack 'the Jews,' many far right-wing and Nazi trolls (Andrew Anglin, 4chan, etc) decided to punish me. They began vandalizing my cartoons and altering them into anti-Semitism and racism. Their hate speech garbage now often trumps my own original work on search engines.

At the very least they've muddied the waters to such a degree that my freedom of speech has been nullified. Each and every cartoon I've drawn has been defaced into libel. Since I'm not a public figure, many have been fooled into believing the libel as being true. It's not true.

I've lost many commercial art clients and my business has suffered. I never had a chance to explain to them my predicament. It's also very embarrassing to have to tell people what has been happening--it's like trying to convince someone that no, I don't beat my wife. 

I realize that many Jews got into banking because they had few alternatives. Many trades were closed to Jews around the middle ages and Christians forbade 'usury'...and so Jews began banking in order to survive. I also realize many bankers such as the Rothschilds happened to be Jewish. Again, I denounce deeds...NOT religion and many Jews aren't bankers, but middle class people just trying to make a living. 

I worked at several newspapers during my 20 year career as a journalist and I met many very smart, kind Jewish people--including my friend Steve Greenberg who has a very sharp sense of humor. I disagree with a lot of what he pens, but I admire his devotion to his craft. Most of all, I want to assure you that there are plenty of Libertarians out there who are neither racist nor anti-Semitic. We believe that government has grown too large, too dictatorial and too corrupt. We want freedom for ALL--including those of all races and religions. 

Libertarians are not uniform in their views. Some are religious and some aren't (I'm not). Some support Israel and some don't. (I do--the last time I heard Israel isn't using 10 year old children to cut off the heads of those with whom they disagree). Some support gay marriage and some don't. (I do). The MSM delight in painting us as bigoted kooks. Regardless, I will continue to speak out against anti-Semitism and racism. I believe all races and creeds need to speak out against statism and in the case of the US., realize that our government has been stolen from us. The government WANTS us divided and if we dare speak out against open corruption we are called names such as 'racist!' 

Our government, the media and most of public education are now in the control of global corporations/lobbyists and central bankers. Go against that agenda and expect flak. I've received plenty. I know many disagree with my political views and that's fine. What's not fine is destroying someone's reputation through libel and defamation.--Ben Garrison

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