Monday, August 03, 2015

Obama, the LIAR

Obama says he's rebuilding the economy. LIE
Obama says he's bringing troops home. LIE
Obama says he cares about 'the children.' LIE
Obama says it's so because 'science tells us.' Those scientists are bought out to tell you what they want told.
Obama says the greatest threat is 'climate change.' LIE

The greatest threat is Fukushima, which he doesn't mention because he's bought out by big globalist corporations and they want it hushed up.

He wants climate change to further shut down our economy. It will be in alignment with Agenda 21 and carbon taxes. Destroying the coal industry helps accomplish that as well as raise electricity rates for tapped-out Americans. Americans will now be asked to pay for breathing.

Obama is a colossal liar...everything that spews from his lying lips is a filthy lie. Hey Obama, if you want to limit carbon releases, shut your lying mouth.

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