Friday, September 11, 2015

Joshua Goldberg, Glue-Sniffing Troll ARRESTED

UPDATE: Joshua Goldberg is confirmed as being European88, a troll who created hate screed boxes with my face and name on them. This garbage still abounds on Google searches. He also went by 'maymayposter' and Michael Slay, and he tricked the master troll, Andrew Anglin. Goldberg wrote essays for The Daily Stormer under the name of Slay. Andrew Anglin supposedly hates Jews, but he continues to harbor defamation against me including many disgusting meme images created by Goldberg. TAKE THAT LIBEL DOWN, ANDREW!
Goldberg was also many other sock puppets, both male and female. Goldberg apparently enjoyed plenty of lulz from his trolling, which became so extreme that he was toying with murder. Now he can laugh his way straight into prison!

UPDATE 2: Joshua Goldberg was also behind the "Goldman Sachs Paper Rain" series of pages on Facebook during 2014. Many iterations were removed, but he had a lot of followers and the exact same tone of voice he used for European88. That is, very arrogant, profane and racist. He attacked me regularly on the page and pushed FB's community standards envelope. When his page got removed, he would simply start another one with a variant title such as "Goldman Sachs Paper Tornado." He would often 'tease' the moderators by posting pornography and extremely violent content and then remove the content within an hour or two. Now that he's been arrested, the attacks on me by 4chan 'anons' have also greatly diminished. He was a 1-man anonymous army who attacked me as often as he could. Why? Because I don't think hate speech belongs on Facebook. By 'hate speech,' I mean calling for the murder of human beings, which was routine for Goldberg.

Here the keyboard coward twists the truth in order to get 4chan to attack me. He succeeded. (I never 'backtraced' anyone on 4chan).

My reaction upon hearing news of Joshua Goldberg's arrest:

I recognized his name. I especially recognized his Facebook icon because he was a troll that repeatedly attacked my wife Tina and me on our Facebook and Twitter pages. He routinely accused me of being anti-semitic, a 'Nazi,' a 'racist' and so forth. We saved evidence of this and I'm still investigating whether or not he is also the despicable troll who calls himself 'European88.' My cyber investigator found that European88 was based in New Zealand or Australia. He was either a retired real estate lawyer venting his racism, or it could have been his son doing the mischief. That could all be completely wrong. Goldberg is a young punk from Florida who carried his trolling too far. I hope you get what you deserve, Joshua! Take a good whiff of prison!

I'll continue my investigation. I'm also going to update my ebook...probably sometime next month. This will be included.

Many on 4chan and 8chan have claimed that it was a Jewish troll who began defacing my cartoons and libeling me. I have no way of proving that, but in this case they may have been right. Sorry, but I'm not about to hate 'Jews,' merely because one of them was a pathetic twerp and punk troll. 

Apparently this bag filled with scum also used my name while setting up his myriad accounts to stir up shit and get others to attempt bombings and murder for him.

Here's Joshua Goldberg attacking me because of Jeff Rense was the first 'big name' site to publish one of my cartoons. I admire Rense's determination to release news on Fukushima when other MSM 'journalists' ignore it altogether. I don't agree with Rense's anti-Zionism. Goldberg used the instance to defame me. Notice he posted this on the Goldman Sachs Paper Rain page. At that time, I was under ruthless attack by the entity behind this page--and I repeatedly filed claim forms with Facebook to get such material removed.

This is the same black background used by European88 on his vitriolic hate screeds to defame me.

Here the little bastard used my name to set up accounts

The tissue of lies runs deep. While pretending to be a white supremacist Australian, he also published articles on 'The Daily Stormer' and was part of Andrew Anglin's 'troll army.' He went by the handles of European88 and 'maymayposter' on Reddit. He used both of his handles to attack me repeatedly. His modus operandi was to also steal names and photos and create Facebook and Twitter pages/accounts to defame his targets. One troll can do a lot of damage and this young cretin made it his life's mission to stir up shit. Apparently as he aged and continue to 'get away' with it, he decided to up the ante and instigate terrorism and murder.

I penned an imaginary troll when I drew this cartoon. As it turned out, Joshua Goldberg was one of my biggest tormentors and he had hair just like the troll in the cartoon.

Quinn Norton wrote a short essay in which she hinted at worse things to come from Internet trolling and their identity fraud. In the case of Joshua Goldberg, she was right. He took sadistic pleasure in the creation of arson fires on the Internet. He stoked fires. He liked to watch things burn. He carried his trolling to such an extreme that he began encouraging murder. 


Social media generates these doppelgängers, memes are constructed of these doppelgängers. Increasingly they have a network life without us, looking like us, being talked to (and sometimes replying) as us. Some are better than we are, and some are Zyklon Ben. Some are trapped, and some slowly trap ussignaling terrible things, just as doppelgängers always did. Figuring out how to manage these rogue instantiations of our identities could be one of the more difficult tasks of 21st century life. When they are constructed by bureaucracies, like innocent victims of the no-fly list and cases of terrorist mistaken identity, they can be even worse and more dangerous than Zyklon Ben. --Quinn Norton

Here is Goldberg on our banned list. "Moon Metropolis" was just one of his many handles.

I'm now updating my book, 'Rogue Cartoonist,' since I know know the true identity of one my main tormentors, European88.

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