Saturday, September 26, 2015

Tears of a Clown

John Boehner is known not just for his ridiculous, deep-orange suntans or his inability to restrain his tears, but also as a ‘consensus builder.’ Some Republicans might interpret that as an Obama butt kisser. Regardless, he’ll be resigning from Congress around Halloween. Many Republicans will say ‘good riddance.’ Now Boehner can enjoy a lucrative retirement while playing on the golf course with Obama.

Boehner epitomized 'consensus.' The MSM tells us that's a 'good thing.' That is, both parties working together to strip away our liberty while impoverishing the middle class with lies, open borders, 'free trade' (shipping jobs overseas). Both parties clamped down on dissent by bringing about a police state and an atmosphere of 'political correctness.' You don't like what's going on? You don't like big government getting bigger? You're labeled 'stupid.' You're labeled a 'racist.' You're labeled an 'extremist.' Nowadays just supporting the Constitution can get you labeled a 'Constitutionalist,' which is meant to be disparaging!

Meanwhile, both parties work together to increase the advantage of the globalist banksters while the rest of us become debt slaves. 

Boehner will retire with a comfy pension and plenty of perks. He'll be laughing--not crying--all the way to the bank.

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