Saturday, December 12, 2015

Joshua Goldberg Update

UPDATE: Goldberg is an ACTOR who grew up pretending to be this, that and the other. He had many personas on the Internet and fooled a great many people. Of course he can fool a silly psychiatrist! HELLO...the young man is a seasoned TROLL who gets off by FOOLING PEOPLE. Inside, he's chalk full of 'lulz' because he knows he will not face justice.

Goldberg was 'sane' enough to write many elaborate hate screeds while putting my name and face onto them. Under his handle 'European88,' he spread them all over the Internet. He was clever enough to concoct a variety of Internet personalities to harass and fool people. He was sane and clever enough to fool the master troll, Andrew Anglin. He was 'Michael Slay' and wrote several essays of hate for Anglin's site.

He enjoyed getting people to attack each other. He played 'red ant vs. black ant' with them. At the end, he was trying to get people to commit murder for him.

And now, due to the threat of possible prison time, he suddenly doesn't understand what is happening.

He understands all too well what is happening: Justice. He fooled many online and so now, of course, he's able to fool psychiatrists.

At the very least, I hope they take his computer away. If they don't, he'll soon return to his trolling activities--including trying to drum up murder.

Online assets in case against man accused in  plot to bomb 9/11 event photo

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