Wednesday, December 16, 2015


We got the rate hike, yet Wells Fargo will not increase rates for savers. Of course not! Rates will go up for their loans, though. Credit card debt will be higher as rates continue to rise—thus pushing those in debt up against the wall even harder.

The screwing of the average man goes on unabated. The market will continue up, too—after all, the one percent owns most of it.

Welcome to the new world of feudalism, where the elite running the show gets more rich and powerful while the middle class gets crushed—and the elites' mainstream media tell everyone it’s all fine and dandy.

I’m listening to the Fed Mother right now LIE about 'positive 'data, which necessitated the rate rise. It’s all lies, all misdirection. The banker tyranny in action. She also said the stock market will be propped up as necessary to make sure the rich people get richer--more debt, more QEs and more insanity as long as the top of the pyramid continues to get their money fix. The middle class? Work harder (if you can find work) and pay more! You are their serfs.

It's time to audit the corrupt Federal Reserve. It's time to end the corrupt Federal Reserve. --Ben Garrison

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