Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Ditch the Witch

Why the witch must be ditched:

Take your inoculation!
Turn in your guns!
GMO food is good for you!
Pay more taxes!
Drones protect our freedom!
Click it or ticket!
Carbon taxes!
It's for your safety!
Fluoride helps your teeth!
Don't forget to take your Prozac!
More war! Because they hate us for our freedom!
There are no false flags!
Building 7 collapsed due to fire!
What difference does it make?
Obey the TSA!
Radiation is good for you!
Would I lie to you?
Your breathing causes global warming!
Bail out the banks!
Go to your Fema camp!
Keynesianism is right!
Learn to obey in public school!
Pay more fees and fines!
Aspartame is safe!
You look suspicious. I will do a body cavity search!
Have you been drinking tonight?
I'm recording everything you say and write!
Obey or you're a racist fringe group!

If you libertarians had your way, there will be chaos and criminals running things!...wait a minute.

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