Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Note to a Bernie Supporter

I get a lot of email--some of it is positive and encouraging. Some of it is negative and filled with name calling. The ones who call me names often use email that is anonymous or otherwise won't allow me to reply. That's too bad, because I would like to have the opportunity to retort. Especially when I get email from critics such as this fellow--a certain Craig Jamison. These people are usually Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) who like to play 'hit and run.' Only they are allowed to debate--everyone else must shut up. Well, I'm not going to shut up, so instead I will allow everyone to see what he wrote:

To: Ben Garrison
Your cartoon depicting Bernie Sanders selling GMO Wheat is precisely the opposite of his policy: he supports GMO labeling. Labeling him a communist is also a sign of your ignorance. We Americans enjoy our humor in comic strips, but do your homework before launching a tirade against someone -- lest you come off like a clueless ass.


1. Bernie supports GMO labeling. He's against Monsanto and that's good, but mostly because they're a huge corporation pushing out the small farmer...not because he's necessarily against GMOs. He has stated he doesn't believe it causes health problems, so how is the cartoon inaccurate? He wants states to be allowed to label it and there it is in my cartoon--labeled! So you're wrong about that.

2. As for him being a communist, it's a matter of nomenclature. The word 'communist' isn't as cool these days so he calls himself a 'socialist' instead. Anyone can google search him and see the facts.

3. It's not a comic strip. It's a political cartoon and as such doesn't necessarily have to be funny. Such cartoons are designed to provoke and make people think. The cartoon was successful because it made you angry enough to write me and call me names.

Bernie is one of the few (along with Ron Paul) who stood up and questioned the central bankers and the Federal Reserve and I admire him for that, but his road to socialism will lead to disaster--just like it always does. (J'ever hear what happened in Venezuela?)

Next time please do your homework before you call someone names.


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