Friday, October 14, 2016

Getting Fired for Free Speech:

The one with my face pasted over it got a Canadian professor fired.

I want to get this out there and help set the record straight. There is a hate screed box still circulating on the Internet with my name and face on it. These hate screed boxes were created by a young troll named Joshua Goldberg. He tormented me for years using the handle 'European88.' European88's activity stopped dead cold the moment he was arrested by the FBI.

Regardless, bad journalism abounds. Now publications such as the 'Daily' Mail run the photo as if it's the real McCoy. That way they can run ooo--scary images of bad men who are Nazi bullies. That attracts readers. If I'm libeled and defamed, who cares? It would be so easy for them to find the truth--it's only a few keystrokes away. But no. They'd rather run juicy stuff about hate spewers who need to be shut down. It doesn't phase them that what they post is a complete and utter lie. Shame on you, 'Daily Mail.'

Shame on the college who fired a professor because someone posted this same image on his Facebook page. That professor had nothing to do with the post or the image. Besides, what the professor says in his off hours is his free speech--you're free to agree or disagree with whatever he might say. OH--but I forgot. Free speech doesn't exist in Canada.

Free speech is also going away in America. Say the wrong thing and you could also get fired. Political correctness and the SJWs will do their best to make it happen. Do you disagree with the climate change narrative constantly pounded into you by globalists? Do you question Sandy Hook or 9-11? YOU'RE FIRED! First they demonize you and call you a conspiracy theorist; then you're hounded out of work.

People should not lose their jobs because they have opinions considered controversial. We may not like what they say, but if their free speech isn't protected, all free speech will eventually be lost. We saw what happened when Hillary decided a cartoon frog named Pepe was 'racist.' Suddenly he was banned and anyone who ever posted him was also considered a bad person. She should not get to decide these things and if such a tyrant is elected president, expect more of our liberties to be stepped on by her. If she gets more power, expect more people to be fired for questioning government narratives.

This already happened to another professor in Florida, James Tracy. He was fired for merely asking questions and engaging in debate.

I also lost a lot of work due to the constant smearing and trash that still exists on the Internet.

So here's the image I'm publishing to help set the record straight. I hope it shows up on Google searches. Maybe the slanted journalists will see it and feel some small modicum of guilt. Ha ha--of course that won't happen.

--Ben Garrison

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