Sunday, October 09, 2016

Wicked Witch of the West Wing:

Barack Obama promised ‘unprecedented’ transparency in his administration and in government. Instead, watchdogs were muzzled as he catered to big money, more war and the persecution of whistleblowers. Hillary will carry on Obama’s tactics of opacity still further. After all, she has long shown a propensity toward controlling narratives and hiding the truth. Lies have always been one of her main tools of control.

The latest Wikileaks release proves she will say one thing to Wall Street and the exact opposite to Main Street. She only pretends to harbor progressive ideals to harvest votes. In reality, she’s aligned with big money, big government and the global elite. Hers will be an extension of the Obama regime.

Hillary has no problem with murdering people. She does not feel the slightest amount of guilt. In fact, she enjoys it.

Hillary only cares about furthering her quest for more power as well collecting massive amounts of money. It has been revealed that she suggested using drones on Julian Assange to ‘take him out.’ That’s her thinking and thoughts lead to action. Her murderous behavior will only worsen if she’s elected president. 

She must not be.

--Ben Garrison

p.s. I often catch flak for 'over-labeling' my cartoons. I'm told I insult people's intelligence with such labeling. So I decided not to label Assange. I thought it would be clear it was him since Hillary talked about droning him. But alas, many couldn't figure out who he was--some thought he was Bill Clinton and others Ted Kennedy...etc etc. So I added the label to remove all doubt. Some will say such labeling only indicates that I'm not capable of good caricatures. So be it. I will endeavor to improve.

One more thing--I get a lot of cartoon ideas sent to me...and the most requested toon idea involved Hillary as the Wicked Witch of the West.

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