Sunday, February 12, 2017

California: The Cat Lady State

Aristotle recommended moderation, or the ‘golden mean.’ Virtue can be found as a reasoned, logical place between two extremes. For example, courage is virtuous, but when carried to an extreme it becomes destructive recklessness. A lack of courage brings about its opposite, cowardice.

We see today a great many ‘virtue signalers’ who want to feel good about themselves. They consider themselves kind, humane and generous and they want you to know about it. They demand help for poor, suffering people all over the planet. They want them removed from their own countries and cultures and brought to the United States so we can see such help up close and personal. “Let them in!” they shout. Their signs say, “Refugees are welcome!” They think all humans are equal and there should be no borders. At least, not for the United States.

The problem with such virtue signaling is they want to help people by forcing others to participate. Someone has to pay for for the immigrants who come here wanting free stuff. Things such as medical care, education, housing and food. The immigrants also bring cultural conflict, violence and crime. Big government is the tool used by virtue signalers. They want to steal from you via taxes to pay for the welfare of strangers.

I lived in San Angelo, Texas for nearly 10 years. The many Mexican Americans I knew there were proud of their heritage, but they considered themselves Americans first. They scorned immigrants from Mexico who did not bother to learn English. Nowadays, it’s considered ‘racist’ to insist people have a common language and culture. We are no longer a melting pot.

Massive Muslim immigration is even more dangerous. They demand Sharia Law, not our Constitution. They consider Islam to be superior to Christianity. They do not assimilate—they dominate. Importing Islamic culture is a recipe for future strife and conflict. Refugees wanting to escape their hell holes too often want to transform their host countries into the very same hell holes that they left. Look at what happened to Sweden. Crime and rape skyrocketed and now there are ‘no go’ Muslim zones. This the the same vision Obama had for America. That’s why he drove hard to the hoop to import as many Muslims here as he could. A divided country is easier for world government types to control.

Victor Davis Hanson is one of my favorite writers. His books on history are excellent. He also wrote an excellent book titled “Mexifornia,” in which he expertly sums up the problems California and other states are facing. That is, a new paradigm where illegal immigrants are not assimilating. English is no longer expected to be spoken. “La Raza,” an openly racist organization, wants to turn California into Mexico while of course still insisting their people get plenty of free stuff.

California wants to be a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants. There is even talk about secession. Under Governor Jerry Brown (Governor ‘Moonbeam’), the state's debt has deepened to over $400 billion. Regardless, more free stuff is perpetually promised and more immigrants are desired. They can’t afford to help every suffering person in the world without making citizens themselves suffer. This is an example of a virtue being carried to an extreme. Helping others has become a dangerous vice.

—Ben Garrison

Additional: Every day I get at least a few cartoon ideas submitted from folks who like my cartoons. I never expected so many people out there to have ideas for cartoons and most of them very good. Unfortunately, I am not able to draw them all, and often I don't even have time to reply to all the email and ideas I received. In this case though--a man named Charlie P. suggested I draw California as a 'cat lady' welcoming in all the stray cats of the world...and it was too good to pass up. If I ever draw an idea submitted to me, I will give that person credit on the cartoon itself as well as send them a free, signed print. BG

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