Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Rise and Fall of Milo Yiannopoulos:

I've drawn two cartoons (shown here) that supported Milo and his endeavor to melt the far-left campus snowflakes. His ability to do that with verbal aplomb is impressive. He can be entertaining and witty.

Now we hear the 'deep state' and the 'never Trumpers' may be trying to destroy him and his burgeoning stardom. That may be the case, but Milo has to accept some of the blame.

I was very disappointed by his performance on the Bill Maher show. He showed up in a big pearl necklace and basically looked flaming. OK, he’s gay. We get it. Who cares. I wish he had showed up in a nice suit and tie, but no…he wants to be memorable and make sure people know about his gayness. It's part of his branding. He says he likes sex with black men. That's too much information. I don't want to hear that. It should be about debate and countering the cultural Marxism, but no—it’s too much about his meme of being "dangerous" and confrontational. We have to hear about his sexual predilections when most of us would rather he kept that stuff private. 

He even called Maher’s panel ‘stupid.’ There were two African Americans on the panel that evening. One took it with grace, the other didn’t. Regardless, he should go after their ideas and not hurl childish insults. Calling someone stupid is not exactly an example of Gore Vidal-like wit. Maybe fame came too quickly for him and being in the limelight was too overwhelming for his ego. The 'too much too soon' syndrome. His attention whoring got out of hand. It’s time for him to reflect and regroup before he continues to go lewdly down in flames. If possible, it’s time for him to be a bit more humble. He's a young man with a promising future if he can be more like Stefan Molyneux and less like a troll.

His book deal fell through. So what? He still has his freedom of speech and can self-publish. That's what many of us have had to do. Fame and fortune should not hurt what is right and wrong.

--Ben Garrison

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