Thursday, April 02, 2015

Ben Garrison, libertarian

I'm reposting this cartoon to help it gain some traction over the trolls' version. If you type in 'Ben Garrison cartoons,' the defaced version shows up and this authentic one does not. So--anyone typing my name + cartoons sees an ugly, anti-Semitic and disgustingly racist cartoon with my name affixed to it. It's libel and defamation, but hey--the trolls have the advantage. They are anonymous and can do whatever they want without any consequences whatsoever. They can destroy an honest man's reputation for shits and giggles. All I can do is counteract their attacks with the truth. Here's the truth right here: The original cartoon.

Another cartoon that the trolls love to destroy. THIS is the real one:

and this one

and this one too

another one

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