Thursday, April 23, 2015

Cartoon preview from 'Rogue Cartoonist'

Here is a preview from my book. It shows how Internet trolls delight in dominating online discourse with their hate. However, they do not own social media and they have no right to spread their filth if it violates community standards.

My printed book is not commercially viable--it's just too darned expensive. I may pitch it to a Libertarian publisher and see if I can generate any interest. Also, there were quite a few typos--mostly in my cutlines that I wrote at the last minute. It's not my editor's fault--they're my fault. I looked at the darn things at least a half dozen times but I'm just an abysmal editor--there's no way 'round it so I will admit it and take the blame. Heck, I'm an artist, not a writer and I'm definitely not left-brained enough to catch the typos...even though I love words.

That said, I did make the fixes for my ebook which I hope to release as soon as I can. It will be reasonably priced and also include a couple of new cartoons.

--Ben Garrison

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