Monday, February 15, 2016

Drawing the cartoons that MSM can't draw...

We are stuck at 77 Patreon supporters and I'd like to see grrrgraphics reach 100 supporters on Patreon. When that level is triggered, everyone who pledges $10+ will receive a free T shirt. My dream is to get at least $5,000 per month from supporters. That way I can draw the cartoons full time and, more importantly, be free of any restraints faced by cartoonists who get paid by the mainstream media. I can draw whatever I like without an editor barking orders at me or telling me it might 'offend' their readers. The above cartoon is a bonus that only Patreon memebers get to see. (Well in this instance, not any more). So please, if you want to support an independent muckraker, any bit will help. And unlike some in the 'alternative truth media,' I don't own a mansion, nor do I have boats and motorhomes. I don't rub shoulders with Hollywood stars. I'm just a hard working guy living in Montana. Even $1 per month helps--if I get 5,000 supporters pledging a buck, think of what I could be drawing!

Thanks for your help!

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