Friday, February 26, 2016

You're Hitler!

Establishment Republicans are 'outing' themselves when faced with the prospect of Trump becoming the nominee. Glenn Beck, not content to attack Trump himself, has begun lambasting Trump supporters as 'brown shirts.' Yes, we've all heard it before. When they scream that Trump is "Hitler," you know they've reached the silly stage.

People throw out the word 'racist,' 'sexist, 'bigot' so much these days that it really no longer has any effect. Usually people using those words can't or won't debate the facts.

I remember watching Bill Maher's show some time ago. Trump had entered the race and they dismissed him with a chuckle. His panel all thought he stood no chance. Then, when he gained momentum, they began laughing at it. Now we've reached the anger stage. "He's Hitler!!" Next they will be resigned to President Trump. A quick cartoon showing Glenn Beck, who is currently in the anger stage:

Glenn Beck has jumped the shark. He's now silly and irrelevant.

I disagree with many of Trump's positions, but it warms my heart to see him crush the Republican establishment--the same old corrupt neocon, globalist bullshit artists who stole primaries from Ron Paul. Ron didn't complain. He should have. Trump is now getting even. The establishment is getting its comeuppance. Lindsey Graham, who supported Jeb, yesterday said the GOP has gone 'batshit crazy.' Nope. It's YOU who is batshit crazy, Lindsey...and many conservatives are fed up with your ilk.

Meanwhile, Trump expressed some jocularity as he made fun of the establishment's candidate, Rubio. (Jeb having failed miserably and embarrassingly). Rubio tends to choke and sweat under pressure. So I dashed out this cartoon as well...

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