Saturday, February 06, 2016

Yes, I'm still a Libertarian

For the record, I don't support any one candidate and I reserve the right to criticize any of them. Sure, I like Rand Paul and I'm sorry he didn't do better. He's one of the few candidates who want to audit and end the corrupt Federal Reserve.

I like to draw Trump because he's shaking up the establishment and he's not afraid of the opprobrious tyranny known as 'political correctness.' He's also fun to draw. The establishment hates him and that makes me want to like him, but I disagree with him on several issues.

I like Gary Johnson even though I disagree with his open borders approach. That may be the free market in action, but it also can lead to balkanization and parallel societies and such division inevitably leads to strife, crime and conflict.

I've lost some friends both on the left, the right and even some Libertarians. Why? Because I may not be seen to be in exact alignment with their views. We should all be able to remain friends regardless--otherwise reasonable debate isn't possible. For example, I remain friends with a retired math teacher who lives in the Northeast. He's a Bernie Sanders supporter. I can understand his reasoning and I respect his opinion. I even like Bernie. (I despise the criminal Clintons). Sanders sees the wealth continuing to gravitate into the hands of a very few while the middle class is vanishing. I don't think socialism will work, but at least Sanders seems sincere in his commitment to help the poor and middle class. He was also one of the few to call out Ben Bernanke in Congress (along with Ron Paul). In fact, despite their ideological differences, Paul also respects Sanders.

20 ISSUES REVIEWED (I reserve my right to change my mind about anything!)

1. Immigration
Keep it legal. Enforce the laws. Build the wall if necessary. It's not racist to want the law enforced. If we get to pick and choose which laws to follow, then I choose to ignore the IRS. If there are no borders and we invite anyone in the world to come here without having to adhere to commonality in law (Constitution) or language (English), then there will be no country. Just a jumble of little countries and endless conflict. Importing millions of undocumented aliens is a recipe for disaster. It's especially wrong for Obama to allow in millions of young, militant Islamists...many of whom could be ISIS terrorists. Seems to me he wants to change America into a Muslim country considering how he bows and scrapes to Islam. Sure, many Muslims are peaceful, but many immigrants consider their culture superior to western culture. Until their attitude changes, there will be strife.

2. Torture
Trump said in the debate tonight that he wanted 'more torture!' You're wrong about this, Mr. Trump. Torture is unreliable. The victim will say anything to avoid it and thus render it unreliable. I hope you change your mind about it. It's morally wrong and if the government approves torture for others it's just a matter of time before it's used against U.S. Citizens. Look at the ranchers in Oregon. They were labeled 'terrorists' and subjected to cruel and unusual punishment. Another was also labeled a 'terrorist.' He was executed in the snow without due process.

3. The Patriot Act
Abolish it.

4. The NSA
Abolish it.

5. The TSA
Abolish it.

6. The Federal Reserve
Abolish it. Abolish the Gestapo IRS, too. At least Cruz says he wants to do that.

7. Common Core
Abolish it.

8. Obamacare
Abolish it.

9. War on Drugs
End it. Legalize all drugs. Stop sending drug abusers to corporate 'for profit' prisons.

10. Militarized Police
Demilitarize them. Jettison the scary black Nazi outfits. Return to blue for police and tan for sheriffs. Stop shooting people while claiming self-defense. Fight crime, not harass and collect (or steal) money from motorists. Be respectful toward citizens of all races and creeds. Weed out the corruption and those who don't follow the Constitution. Jail those who abuse citizens.

11. Second Amendment
Shall not be infringed. Ignore presidential 'orders.'

12. Nuclear power
Shut it down completely, It's WAY too dangerous for mankind. 1 gram of cesium turned into gas could render an entire square mile uninhabitable for centuries. It's not worth the risk just so a few corporations can gain short-term profits. Fukushima is the biggest problem, not 'climate change.'

13. Global warming, er 'climate change'
The climate is always changing, but most of it is bullshit designed to bring in a 'carbon tax' to line the globalists' pockets. Al Gore wants to be paid. His mansion on the coast has a big carbon footprint and he needs to pay his electric bill.

14. Snowden: Criminal or Whistle-Blowing hero? 
Hero. C'mon, Trump--you're wrong about this one, too.

15. War
Avoid foreign entanglements. Get out of the Mideast. Develop our own resources. stop the war mongering. Stop creating endless blowback.

16. Government
Don't trust it. Some worship the Feddle Gubmint. I don't.

17. North Korea
Get China to rein them in. Trump is right about this one.

18. Terrorism
J'ever notice how they're calling Constitutionalists and Oath Keepers 'terrorists' now? Just another step toward the police state.

19. Forced vaccinations, chemtrails, fluoride in public water, GMO foods
Stop all of it!

20. Hate speech
Denounce the virulent strains (people screaming for murder of people based on their race and religion). Denounce libel and impersonation--that kind of hate speech is definitely not free--it is very costly to some. We need to police ourselves and elevate the discourse. Otherwise government will decide what we can and cannot say. Nowadays hate speech accusations are being affixed to those who merely question 'climate change' or mass immigration from Muslim countries.

--Ben Garrison

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