Saturday, July 23, 2016

Ciaran Ryan Rebuttal:

I'll answer this man's email point by point.

Your latest cartoon (Brexit) is beyond racist, how do you think you can get away pumping out racial hatred as if you're Joseph Goebbels?

ISLAM IS NOT A RACE. I 'get away' with it because we have a very important right called FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

We live in a modern multicultural world where political correctness isn't something to be sneered at

WHY NOT? PC totalitarianism stifles free speech. I DO sneer at your PC bullshit.

or anthropomorphise as a shark,

Free speech and using a metaphor. 

political correctness is simply the pursuit of equality for everyone.

Everyone's IQ must be rendered equal? Everyone's wealth must be made the same? Everyone's abilities must be made equal? How is this 'pursuit of equality' supposed to be carried out? By force? If not force of arms, then by hurling insults as you are doing here as well as threatening the livelihoods of those whom with you disagree.

If you do not wish to live in a society that promotes these values you are more than welcome to leave. Portraying Muslims as pirates because of the actions of a tiny fraction of Islam, depicting Angela Merkel as some kind of tyrant, and mocking Sweden, all of which simply racist beyond belief.

ISLAM is not a race. Sweden is not a race (well, not any more). J'ever hear of the 'Barbary Pirates?' You know, the ones Thomas Jefferson eliminated when he sent US Marines to Tripoli?

I can assure you I speak for all the reasonable human beings in the world

Not so fast--you just used a logical fallacy known as 'ad populum.' You speak for yourself--your bandwagon of 'reasonable people' does not exist.

when I say, people like you are the problem in this world.Not Muslims. Not the EU. Just small minded ignorant dinosaurs such as yourself.

I have more power than a billion Muslims as well as bureaucrats who decide the fate of business and lives in Europe? I didn't know my pen was that powerful.

If you so wish to justify your cartoon, which is clearly intended to incite racial hatred, it would be much appreciated.

My cartoon stands on its own merits. You can say it's racist a million times and I wouldn't care one whit. It has nothing to do with racism. You've shown your true colors--waving a white flag toward radical Islam as terrorists continue to commit mass murder against innocents.

Ben Garrison's reply to Ciaran Ryan over the Brexit cartoon I drew.

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