Monday, July 18, 2016

My YouTube Channel

I receive a lot of email these days and it has gotten to the point where I can't write everyone back, but I did write this man back--he's from France. Unfortunately a lot of people who write me want their privacy, so my responses get kicked back as undeliverable.

In this case, he wanted to know if my YouTube channel was the 'real me' due to the trolls and doppelgängers who steal my name and photos. Here is my response:

Yes, this is my real YouTube channel:

Although I have not yet done much work promoting it. There are only a few videos there, but I plan on adding more. I do personally answer the comments when I can.

Yes, there are a lot of Internet trolls out there who have attacked and defamed me for years, but the dopplegänger they created is steadily losing his power. More and more people are recognizing me as the libertarian cartoonist that I am. It did take a lot of work on social media to turn things around and my wife Tina has been a big help with that.

I've always wanted to visit France and see the the famous things, but I could never afford it. I'd hate to see French culture ruined by Islam. In my opinion the two cultures are incompatible and the frequent attacks can't have a good affect on tourism there.

I want Paris to always remain plus belle ville du monde!

Ben Garrison

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