Friday, July 22, 2016

RNC Summary Cartoon:

It's amusing to see how the liberal media is shocked and outraged at Trump's 'negative' speech last night. It only shows how out of touch with reality they are. The economy stinks for most working Americans whose jobs have been sent overseas. The various trade deals that benefit a few at the top has been disastrous for American citizens in general. Obama's open borders and Hillary's lust to import millions of Muslim refugees spells more disaster. College kids are burdened with debt to the tune of $1 trillion. Obama has run up the debt to over $19 trillion. Hillary is a corrupt criminal who has proven to the country that she's 'above the law.'

Yet somehow the liberal media says Trump is a bad guy because he wants to put American citizens first. Somehow that's shocking to the liberal globalist media. They say Trump is 'too negative.' No. He's too well tuned into reality.

As for Ted Cruz and Kasich...they may have blown up their own political careers by not endorsing their Republican nominee.

Ben Garrison

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