Tuesday, October 13, 2015

European Vacation

This cartoon is a farcical peek into the future of Europe, brought to you by your hosts, ISIS.

OK, before I get called a ‘hater,’ let me be clear I don’t hate Muslims. I realize there are over a billion of them living on the planet and most of them aren’t terrorists. However, it’s time to recognize that outfits such as ISIS are out to conquer the world. They believe in beheadings, oppressing women, blowing up ancient monuments such as the Temple of Baal, as well as taking over countries through mass immigration. They are completely intolerant of other religions.

My cartoon might be funny, but could it also become reality considering the continued mass migration of Muslims? The ones from Syria are young and male--70 percent are young men. Will they assimilate into European culture or change it as they see fit?

Many will live to see if this happens or not. The women may not see it clearly if they’re looking through a burqua.

Of course, ISIS was made possible by the traitors running America. 9-11 was a false flag that enabled Bush and Cheney to make up lies to go into Iraq. They took out Saddam, a bad guy but a stabilizing force. Now we have worse guys trying to retake Iraq. The global banker criminals running our country did the same for Libya to take out Gaddafi, another stabilizing force in the region.

Obama talks about 'terrorists' and yet supports ISIS to take down Syria. Putin is doing the job to solve the trouble our president helped create.

It's all about the dollar and middle eastern countries that show disrespect for the Fed dollar hegemony get taken out or destabilized. Our hijacked country no longer creates peace and democracy. It has created hell holes in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan and for what? The dollar. It's always about the debt buck.

Too bad we didn't listen to Ron Paul.

--Ben Garrison

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