Friday, October 23, 2015

Free Chicken

Here are a couple of new cartoons I drew recently. The first is Bernie Sanders as Colonel Sanders--an obvious joke, but Bernie is serious about bring socialism to America. That has great appeal to many who see the great wealth disparity in this country. The 1/10th of 1 percent continues to get fabulously richer while the rest of us get impoverished. That's not due to capitalism--it's due to CRONY, capitalism, or fascism. We are run by criminal gangs--starting with the central bankers that own a private printing press known as the Federal Reserve. Bernie should strike the root and call for a complete audit of the Fed and then we can end that vile institution. Instead, he blocked Ron Paul's audit the Fed bill. Come on, man. Bernie. Seriously. If you want to do something for the working man, end the Fed and the Gestapo IRS. -- Ben Garrison

I drew this cartoon for a college student in Mexico City. He and his friends want to promote the Libertarian party in Mexico as an alternative to the corrupt, PRI-controlled parties there.

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