Monday, October 05, 2015

The Last Hand

Thanks to Ray K., a master carpenter in Kalispell, I now have a beautiful barn wood frame that matches the ambience of my painting, "The Last Hand." The handmade frame is from a barn built on the Mary J. Ritchey Homestead, Kalispell, Montana. Mary, originally from Iowa, purchased the land on June 14, 1898 from Michael and Christina Grieg for $237. The barn was built between 1900 and 19020. It was torn down in 2013 and Ray bought the wood. Despite its rusticity, it is very high quality.

Here's my latest painting, which I recently completed. It's a 30x40 inch oil painting on linen. Our son, who is here for a few days, saw the work and commented on two of the figures who were eyeing each other. He suggested the title, "The Last Hand" because sometimes poker games in the Old West involved gunplay.

I plan on getting a barn wood frame put on it when I can. I already have three more paintings sketched out. Fine art is my number one passion, but commercial art pays the bills and I am concentrating on that this week.

I also plan on drawing more cartoons and I've received several good ides from one of our Patreon members. There's just not enough time in the day for me to do all I want to do--and there's more sand in the bottom of my hour glass than at the top. It's a good thing I have a good work ethic!

This painting also features a man I've seen a few times at a local watering hole. He's the man on the left. Yes, you CAN capture the essence of likenesses using a cubist style.

Eventually I plan on reverting my site back to commercial art and I will resurrect I also have plans on finding another gallery next year. OR--if you galleries out there are smart--you'll come to me! After all, I've sold a lot of my work. This painting, once framed, will be offered for sale on my site.

--Ben Garrison

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