Friday, October 30, 2015

Things You'll Never See

Patreon members get to see all my cartoons first. This one was published yesterday. Shown here is one panel from my latest cartoon. It points out the fact that there's plenty of space in the Middle East, but for some reason Syrian Muslim refugees want to go into Europe. Why don't they go to a Muslim country such as Saudi Arabia instead, for example? And what would happen if European Christians tried to 'migrate' to Saudi Arabia?

Well, it wouldn't be pretty. Saudi Arabia outlaws all other religions. It's 'against the law' to have a Bible in that country. Women are also oppressed there and yet Hillary Clinton accepts donations from Saudis to the corrupt 'Clinton Foundation.' So much for her helping women.

The point of the cartoon is that many Muslims are eager to go to Europe and enjoy freedom as well as 'free stuff.' But will they assimilate into the culture? In many European countries, they don't. They'd rather impose their own culture on their hosts instead. They turn their host countries into Saudi Arabia, and if the native population gets upset, they're labeled 'nazis' or 'racists' and 'haters.' That's just not right. America has been a melting pot of all races and religions, but we have a common denominator and that's the Constitution--not Sharia Law. We also have the English language. We're not evil people because we want to keep the glue that holds us together.

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