Saturday, November 28, 2015

Free Speech vs. Justice

Someone contacted me about a 4chan post--on which I was vilified as being 'against free speech.' This is a common meme used against me by those who want to claim I'm not a Libertarian and that I'm a hypocrite and so forth. This is my response:

Ask your buddies this--would they be OK with pedophiles posting child porno on FaceBook? Would they be OK with images of grisly car wreck victims and/or dead kids on FB in order to allow some sadistic anon to get his jollies by tormenting grieving parents?

Would any of those anons on 4chan be OK with other anons stealing their real identity--their work, their photos and their name--and using it all to post offensive material--hijacked and vandalized material--which is then used to defame and harass others using such a doppelgänger...while at the same time making sure the person owning the real name gets all the flak? This is something Joshua Goldberg (now arrested) loved to do for years. It was his passion. His raison d'être. He was a mentally disturbed individual who loved to play 'red ant, black ant.' He enjoyed watching battles he set up. Andrew Anglin is also a troll and it's his main passion in life. He is enabled by his own father, Greg Anglin, a Christian 'mental health' counselor to do this. In essence, both Goldberg and Anglin are similar to the entity in a Star Trek episode titled "Day of the Dove." An entity thrived on seeing the Federation battle the Klingons and derived energy from the fear and hatred it had arranged to occur.

There were 10 instances of a doppelgänger pages set up on FB to defame me in 2014 alone. Goldberg probably had something to do with a few of them--he was very active on FB under the handle, "Moon Metropolis." He and other anonymous trolls enjoyed using my name, face and vandalized cartoons to libel me. In nearly every instance those pages were removed with great difficulty. The general public DOES get fooled. Potential clients ARE put off by it.

Oh, it's all just a harmless jape, huh? In my case the garbage made its way onto search engines. Andrew Anglin has a photo of me in a Nazi uniform that shows up first on Google. Easy to get rid of, right? Wrong. wants me to fork over $8 grand to remove just that ONE image. Google will remove it if I ask, huh? No...there's nobody to contact and it requires court orders/subpoenas just to start. Google does NOT show ultimate truth. It blindly delivers whatever is out there, but many think Google filters things and only shows absolute truth. Go after Andrew Anglin? People have no idea how difficult and expensive an online libel case can be. Most lawyers are not interested in such cases.

Free speech is great. Absolute free speech sounds even better, but that can create a lot of injustice. People get their reputations and careers ruined without recourse. Those who scream the loudest about wanting absolute free speech are usually anonymous. They don't usually start their OWN websites and use their REAL names and pay for it out of their OWN pockets.

Trolls do not own social media--Facebook and Twitter in particular. There are stated community standards there. Again, the trolls can always start their own sites and begin spewing their hatred, but most won't do that because it's cheaper, easier and more fun to utilize the anonymous FB bullhorn. That in and of itself is against policies. FB wants real names and faces--not fakes, but the anonymous trolls want a one-way street--that is, the ability to attack, harass, defame and bully others without taking any responsibility for their actions whatsoever.

They are unaccountable because they are, at heart, cowards. I put my own name on my own cartoons. I'm accountable and I've had a lot of manure shoveled my way because of it.


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