Friday, November 06, 2015


We have a new offering on Patreon.  T-shirts made featuring the slogan, "It's Happening." When we get up to the $1,000 per month donation level, everyone who contributes $10 plus per month will get a free t-shirt in addition to the other benefits starting at that level.

OK, I know I'm drawing libertarian cartoons and not animé, and I'm not covered in tats. Nor do I have big black checkers in my earlobes or piercings...but I'm trying to make a difference and I want to draw the cartoons not seen in the mainstream media. So if you can help me overcome the constant trolling and my lack of income due to lack of commercial art will be helping to spread the message of liberty.

I convey my sincere thanks to anyone contributing--even $1 helps a lot. Also, I listen to my Patreon members and will consider all cartoon ideas. I reply to your questions and comments. Your name and info is always kept private. Contrary to what they say on /pol, I will never 'dox' anyone.

Please join our 'anti-troll, anti-corruption army' at Patreon!

Thank you!!

Ben Garrison

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