Thursday, November 05, 2015

Washington Post and Anonymous

UPDATE 2: 'Anonymous has taken my name off their KKK list and tweeted that I should never have been on their in the first place. If that group wants to maintain any credibility at all, they'll resist the temptation to succumb to ridiculous trolling. This escapade was yet another minor tempest in a tiny teapot. Nothing to see here, move along. --BG

UPDATE: The story was updated and I appreciate the reporter taking the time and trouble to do that.

I was mentioned in the Washington Post early today because of Anonymous' release of a 'KKK list.' The reporter contacted me and I expect the story to be updated and all the doubt about me having any association whatsoever with the KKK to be removed. Anons added my name to that list for chuckles. It was trolling, plain and simple. They wanted to fool the MSM and to a certain extent they succeeded.

Most people are starting to learn about the REAL Ben Garrison and the trolls' evil doppelgänger invention is losing power and mystique. Because after all, it's a lie that can't be sustained.

I'm gaining more and more FB and Twitter followers as well as Patreon members. I'm turning things around. Now I just need more commercial art assignments.

--Ben Garrison

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