Saturday, November 14, 2015

SJWs Shut Me Up!

The tyrannical SJWs, who don't believe in criticism or free speech, have ganged up on me and shut down my Facebook page. Since my IP address is 'banned' for 24 hours as punishment....I can't even comment on my private page. My wife Tina can't post to a weather page there. Nothing. Our free speech has been placed in a 'safe space,'  i.e. silenced. It was not just about removing the 'offensive' cartoon, it was about shutting me up completely. Facebook readily complied.

Ironically, I have spent many hours complaining to Facebook when trolls have used my name and face and vandalized cartoons and published many pages calling for the murder of African Americans and Jews. Let me emphasize--they were using my name and face. Stealing my identity. In 2014 alone, there were TEN such pages and nearly every time FB told me 'the page does not violate community standards.' Horrific things were published using my ID and Facebook didn't care. In one instance my lawyer had to get involved. It was very difficult to get the libel removed. It cost me a lot of time and money. All of the libel showed up on search engines, thus degrading my free speech and muddying the waters so much that many really thought I was some kind of Nazi nut job.

Yet how easy it was to get my own, legitimate free speech removed. The cry bullies only had to gang up on Facebook and they caved. The SJWs proved the point of the cartoon. There was nothing racist about the cartoon, but all it takes is an imagined slight. Someones 'feewings' were hurt and that was enough. It was my opinion based on events unfolding and a great many people agreed with the cartoon.

Facebook is NOT a 'safe place' for free speech.

Ben Garrison

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