Wednesday, May 18, 2016

A Note from an Old Codger

I came across this today--Google has made me an 80 year-old man. Well, that's what can happen when you're called 'racist' a thousand times and showered with 100s of death wishes.

They also completely missed the place where I was born. I've never even been to North Carolina. They probably got that from what they thought was a very accurate source, "Encyclopedia Dramatica.'

Google is not God and they blindly report what's out there. They get a lot of stuff in this fabricated bio. There's a lot of garbage floating around out there that is completely ridiculous. For example, a photo of my face pasted onto a Nazi uniform--thanks to a troll. It comes up first. said they could remove that one image, but it would cost me $8,000. No thanks. I guess I'll have to endure it along with all the hate mail.

I also noticed a lot of media are now playing the 'Ain't it awful!' game. That is--publishing stories about my horribleness without even giving me a chance to respond. That's what passes for journalism nowadays. They judge, convict and execute without so much as an email query to get the rest of the story. But who cares--it's all about 'feelings' now. Objective reporting is no longer necessary.

They know that non-PC outrages attract readers so they can enjoy feeling morally superior as they hector, scold and verbally burn at the stake someone who dared to not be 'politically correct.'

--Ben Garrison

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