Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Make the First Lady Great Again: Ben Garrison Attacked By Clueless Liberal Media

This young man summed it up fairly well and accurately except for a couple of things. I never heard of A. Wyatt Mann when I drew those cartoons he said were similar. For example, "The Shrine of the Statists" was inspired by an episode of 'Star Trek' titled "The Apple" in which natives fed the big serpent cave/statue/computer thing named 'Vol.'
The natives ritually fed Vol, and he took care of them. "It is Vol who made it rain and put fruit on the trees," they said. Kirk told them they could live for themselves without Vol--which to me represented big government and Captain Kirk was a libertarian. As for the train one...well that's a common metaphor. Every cartoonist draws trains eventually. The mosquito one was just a coincidence.

As for the Michelle're right. it wasn't racist. Michelle is a public figure living a lavish lifestyle on the public dime. She doesn't deserve immunity from caricature and ridicule. The meme of her being a tranny? Well...isn't that in vogue right now? Shouldn't that be applauded? Seriously, though...she forced a Vol-like nanny state system of school lunches onto kids who threw most of it away. Kids are fat? That's the parent's job to deal with that--not the gubmint's. Of course, parents were also banned from giving them sack lunches and even in some instances, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were called 'racist.'

All cartoonists exaggerate physical characteristics and in Michelle's case--she's built like a linebacker. I know it's not her fault what she looks like, but that's not the point. Her deeds and arrogance made her a fair target and she's making policy while being unelected. She's not a queen or someone immune from criticism just because she's the FLOTUS. Is the cartoon sexist? Maybe. That's in the eye of the beholder. Men are told these days that they must appreciate the female body in all of its various types and forms, or otherwise we're being hateful or misogynist or sexist or something. Sorry...but men aren't wired that way and we can't change our DNA any more than a male trans person can convince every cell in his body that there isn't a Y chromosome inside. Should we hate such people? Of course not. But women shouldn't hate us because we may prefer one female body type over another. I'm a libertarian and so I don't care who wants to be what or who wants to be married to whom. It's not my business or the state's business. I just don't want to be harassed and scolded into applauding those things that are none of my business. Look at how the liberal cartoonists and lefties in the MSM went after Trump. He was portrayed as Hitler, a racist, an orangutan, micro penis...blah blah blah. Melania was also viciously attacked and smeared. No problem, though...because those attacks align with the liberal playbook. It's all fair game! Those are funny! C'mon...cantcha take a little joke? But when a conservative cartoonist does the same thing--watch out! Then it's time to burn me at the stake! I was called a 'spewer of evil,' a racist, a Nazi, a misogynist, an short, all those bad words that end in 'ist.' I've received death threats, people are praying to God that I soon die...on and on. Over a cartoon. Why? Because feelings were hurt! I think the cartoon may have actually brought some joy to the commissars of correctness because they get off by experiencing shrill outrage. It gives them a chance to strut their moral superiority. At the same time, these very same people will probably be voting for the amoral, evil incarnate, lying, criminal slime that is Hillary Clinton. To be sure, I've become jaded by my 6 year ordeal involving libel, defamation and copyright infringement against me. I've reached a point where I just don't care and I'm almost sorry to tell all the people who have sent me all that hate mail: wasted your time. It just doesn't bother me very much. I've become too weary and calloused to care. --Ben Garrison

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