Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Beware of Facebook

Here are a couple of good links regarding Facebook and their ties to the NSA.




I have been a target of Zuckerberg's unfair moderation practices. An endless stream of doppelgänger pages have been set up on FB over the years to defame and libel me, yet FB refuses to take them down without a lot of paperwork and legal threats--even though those pages also clearly violate FB's stated community standards. Some of those pages used my name and face to cry out for the mass murder of minorities and Jewish people and yet FB would repeatedly inform me that nope--those pages did not violate their standards. That's because they love to see libertarians and conservatives get trashed.

At the same time, I was banned for a period of time simply because I drew an anti-SJW cartoon. They informed me that it violated their standards when in fact, it was perfectly legit free speech.

The young, smug, pencil-necked twerp known as Zuckerberg has billions of dollars and the means to allow all political expression as long as those community standards are not violated--but no. FB is aligned with the criminal globalist elite running the show. Also, FB pays no corporate taxes at all--they get a pass since they are part of despotic oligarchy bent on tightening the electronic surveillance net over all Americans.

Use Facebook at your own peril and never disclose any info that you don't want the NSA to have.

--Ben Garrison

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